Santa Cruz Weekend


I share my birthday with my mom (January 21) and we typically like to do something together around that time to have a joint celebration. Conveniently this year my good friend Jessi was having a birthday party the following weekend in her hometown of Santa Cruz, so I stretched my birthday celebration into two weekends by convincing Brandon we should make a weekend out of Jessi’s birthday party. For my birthday celebration with my mom, we had a Saturday filled with pampering, the wine exhibit at the MoMA, some coffee time at the rooftop sculpture garden, and then dinner on Belden Place; it was fantastic!

For the following weekend, Brandon and I rented a car and drove down to Santa Cruz where we stayed at the modern Dream Inn, right on the beach. These photos are all views from our room.


On Saturday after we arrived, we wandered along the boardwalk for a bit of nostalgia (I forgot my camera! UGH) before we headed back to our hotel room to get ready for the party. I ended up falling asleep, I guess I was lulled due to the waves crashing. When I woke up, it was sprinkling and foggy but it was a good excuse to not feel bad for just wanting to hang out in our room. We had a great time at Jessi’s party, and then headed back to our room with enough time to enjoy the hotel’s hot tub before it closed for the evening.

After our hot tub excursion, we snuggled up in our room to watch some TV and listen to the waves crash. In the morning it was drizzling and we decided to order breakfast room service to eat on our covered balcony. Luckily for us it stopped sprinkling right as the food came, so we were able to soak in some sunshine while we ate food and drank our coffee.



After breakfast the sky looked threatening, so we just sat on the bed, balcony door open and music on, listening to the waves and reading.  It was a glorious morning of relaxation!  I realized that we should do these mini-escapes more often…it was just what the doctor ordered after some hectic weeks at work.

Yosemite, Part II

As promised, here is the rest of the Yosemite photos! We stayed at the Yosemite Lodge and just wandered around the valley floor, marveling at the beautiful sights.











Isn’t it gorgeous?