soul-speak (via little black journal)

My good friend from college (author of little black journal) did a blog post on things that speak to her soul, and so I decided to follow suit. I’ll preface this by saying this “soul-speaking” is going to be in regards to TV and Music, following Kelly’s precedent. Okay, onto my answers:

TV: This one was more difficult than I thought it would be, but I think I narrowed it down to a good few.
1. Sex and the City: yes, probably along with many girls around my age, but there is something to be said about that. The ups and downs of love, the strong bond of friendship, the trials and tribulations of life all on an amazing NYC backdrop. What more could you ask for? Although the show is very “Hollywood-ized” in many ways, it speaks to my very girly heart.

2. The Wire: pretty much the exact opposite of the previous choice. Brandon and I recently watched all five seasons, and while this didn’t speak to my soul in a tear-jerking way, it is a brilliantly written show that made me think. I wanted to discuss it, talk about the larger real-life issues it brought up. I couldn’t wait for my good friends and parents to watch so we could debrief. This show challenged my perceptions, opened my eyes, and really made me think about my involvement (or lack thereof) in the greater community.

3. So You Think You Can Dance: it helps that dance in general really gets to me–probably more quickly than all other art forms. Dance has the ability to immediately sweep me away, give me goosebumps, and really just pluck at my soul. While it’s definitely not every episode, there have been a few routines that really got to me. I can watch them over and over, reduced to tears every time. Cheesy as it may sound, with these few routines I feel like I witnessed something much bigger than just a performance on a reality dance show.

Music: While I could name bands and songs/lyrics till the cows come home, I’ll try and keep it to 3, relating to different phases of my life.
1. Dave Matthews Band: in high school and into college, I would put on Dave and regardless of my mood I could find a song that spoke to me at that very moment. Whether I was happy, sad, lonely, full of love, Dave was always there, able to sing exactly what I felt.

2. Coldplay: Coldplay swept me through many college days, particularly riding the metro in Paris. Their album “A Rush of Blood to the Head” has sort of a movie soundtrack-like quality to it. I always sort of felt like I was detached from the world when I would throw on my headphones and wander around Paris with Coldplay being piped into my ears. It was the perfect melancholy for my mood on those beautiful and slightly sad grey European days. Listen to the song “Amsterdam” if you’ve ever been to the city–somehow you can feel Amsterdam, even though they never once refer to the city or anything about it (the song was named because they wrote the song there, not because it’s about Amsterdam).

3. Bright Eyes: Ooh Conor Oberst, how you speak to my sad-loving side. For some reason with music I tend to really love the gut-wrenching, self-loathing, heart-broken songs. My friend Sara even suggested a t-shirt she found that says “Sad Songs Make Me Happy” because of this strange characteristic. His early albums totally portray the dark, broken boy that a girl like me would want to fix. My favorite album has to be “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning” with every song pretty much getting me in some way or another. Brandon and I even had one of his songs sung at our wedding (First Day of My Life).  Just look up the lyrics (or listen to) a few songs like Lua and Land-Locked Blues and you’ll perhaps see what I mean.

Thanks to Kelly for this idea!  Who wants to go next?

bishop allen!



so, i will admit.  this band took a little while to grow on me.  i wasn’t sure what to think, and i didn’t hear a big variety of their music.  upon more listening, this band grew and grew and grew on me.  the more you listen, and once you see them live, you realize their musicality, and how each word is extremely carefully chosen and pronounced; i think that is what struck me most at this latest concert–you watch and can tell how purposeful each word is, and i love that.


certain songs of theirs have gained a lot of significance to me, some have just really resonated with me, and some make me tap my foot and dance around in my chair at work. i just love them!




and yes, i totally was that gushy girl–the lead singer was at the merch booth during the opening acts and i stopped by and talked to him, telling him how much i enjoy their music and how much i was looking forward to the show. hopefully i didn’t sound too much like a 13 year old girl. i highly recommend giving them a try!