discovery bay part a: hello casey

this weekend i got to enjoy some sunshine and heat with some of my closest friends, and i cannot even begin to explain how wonderful and rejuvenating it was. the occasion was a welcome back/going away party for my high school bestie and her brother (she’s leaving, he’s returning). brenna and i were inseparable in high school, casey and i went to college together and he basically mentored me, kept me sane and acted as my stand-in brother. i went early on saturday morning with brenna, casey, and their friend doug to help set up and prepare for the barbecue.


it was just like old times–being there with the family, just hanging out, relaxing. we were able to knock out the veggie/fruit chopping for master chef bryan in record time, which left plenty of time to chat, lay out, swim, paddle around in the battle boat, and soak up some much-needed sun. i was reminded of the lazy high school days of summer, laying out on the dock, having care-free laughs with some of my nearest and dearests. i feel like i’m rambling on, but it truly was a much needed and very nostalgic day for me!

the first wave of guests was the parent crowd…i got to enjoy some kid time, including carpet surfing with linden (get on your board, paddle, pop up, surf, wipe out!).


later in the afternoon the rest of the guests began arriving for a low-key and very fun backyard barbecue. there was lots of food, LOTS of fruit salad (no hidden joke–we just made the worlds largest fruit salad), friends, family, catching up and laughter. it couldn’t have been a better day!




casey was in australia for grad school, i must admit i didn’t realize just how much i had missed casey until i saw him again–i mean, i knew i had missed him, it’s just different when you see someone again. i’m looking forward to having him back in the city, especially in light of the fact that his sister is leaving the city. i am determine to help remind him of how lovely san francisco can be, so he will be less tempted to move back to australia–selfishly, i’d like him to stay put!   as far as brenna’s leaving, i’ll go into more detail on that in the next post…