Words {Update}

Okay, so it turns off water is “gaga” not “caca.”  Still not sure how she came up with this (we’ve never used agua) but I thought I should clarify.

New Adventure for Us

Quick catch up for all…Brandon quit his job and we moved to the suburbs.  :::insert record scratch…say what??:::

So, last fall Brandon started talking about going out on his own (starting his own architecture firm).  At the same time he started talking about moving out of the city–rents are sky high/ridiculous/uber competitive and so there was no way we could afford to move within the city.  While we have no family expansion plans in the works right now (read: I am NOT pregnant), we couldn’t help but think about our living situation and trying to add a little person to the mix.  Some people can rock the two-kids-in-a-1 bedroom, but with us and the cats it was just too much to contemplate.  All this said, I wasn’t ready to think about leaving the city, so while Brandon was sending me listings and keeping an eye out for things, I ignored it all.

In January we started having more serious talks about Brandon starting his own thing and what that means for our family.  We realized that moving out of the city, while extremely sad, was financially inevitable if we were going to take this leap (especially if we want to expand our family).  Finally I got on board the moving train (feet dragging still) and started looking at listings and even going to see a few places.  We looked all over the Bay Area but nothing was really catching our eye.  We found some stuff that was “fine,” but a) who wants just “fine” and 2) coming from a super cute SF 1920’s apartment with hardwood floors, character and tons of light, a dark 80’s condo was really hard to stomach.  Call me a snob, but I needed a place that would soothe my transition.

Mid March, two things happened almost at once: we found out Brandon landed a job he had put out a proposal for, and I found us a house (for rent) in the town I grew up in (which happens to be where my grandmothers/parents/sister/aunt/uncle/cousins live).  At first I wasn’t sure I was excited to move back, but I realized how much the help would be welcome and the house really was (spoiler alert: IS) awesome.  I had actually looked at the listing before, but right around the time we were like dang, okay, we need to move NOW, the house dropped in price.  Serendipity?  Plus, it was downtown (a requirement when we talked of moving back to my hometown) where I could still walk to everything like I did in SF, and it was a 1913 house with tons of character.  The selling point that put it over the top?  3 bedrooms PLUS an office (well, technically a parlor, but it makes a perfect office).  The office is off the living room, full of bright sunlight and original hardwood floors.  Score!

So, circling back around, I am typing this from my new living room in my cute house and Brandon is in SF celebrating his last day of work.  Tomorrow we will go and finish cleaning out the apartment (he has been living there while he finishes out his notice period at work) and officially begin our life in the suburbs.  It has been a whirlwind and I’m still very sad about leaving the city (yes, a few tears have been shed) but I’m so excited for Brandon in this new venture in this adorable town that I am once again calling home.


Well, in between my vacation posts FROM TWO YEARS AGO, I’d like to take a moment and say how sad I am that I’ve stopped chronicling my life over the past couple years, especially in light of the fact that I now have Eleanor.  I haven’t written or blogged about our life with her, and that makes me incredibly depressed.  I just read this article about a mom who kept a journal, and I’m jealous I didn’t do that.  So, only 4 months into the year I’m making a resolution to blog more, and to be more relaxed about it.  So what if there aren’t pictures, so what if it’s just a couple sentences.  It is my journal of the adventures with my family and I’m committed.  (I can hear my sister now saying “SHEESH!  It’s about time!)


It’s Alive!

I’ve had complaints that this blog has gone by the wayside, so I am officially bringing it out of hibernation. Pregnancy had come and gone and now I have my sweet little babe occupying my time. Actually, I am typing this on my phone with one hand as Eleanor is asleep on my other arm.

Motherhood has been good to me this far, and I feel so blessed to have this sweet, healthy little girl. As typing isn’t so easy at the moment I will continue this post in photo form. Here are various photos taken with my phone over the past few months.








The Side Project Reveal

So I know I’ve been teasing about a side project that I’ve been working on, and now it’s time for the reveal!  Head over to chalk + dot to see what it’s all about.  Enjoy, and happy holiday week Monday!

Erica @ 32 Weeks

My, how time flies!  It feels like I was just taking pictures of Erica with a teeny almost non-existent baby bump and now here she is, 8 months pregnant.

101030-erica32wks_005 101030-erica32wks_008

101030-erica32wks_011 101030-erica32wks_007

She’s on the home stretch, and she’s starting to feel like it. The determination is setting in, but so is the organ-rearrangement and resulting fatigue.  Luckily for Erica, despite how she might feel, she looks beautiful and radiant.


101030-erica32wks_023 101030-erica32wks_026

101030-erica32wks_030 101030-erica32wks_034

The above photo on the right is one of my favorites from the day–I think it really captured her essence.

101030-erica32wks_039 101030-erica32wks_043

Well, our remaining shoots are numbered–we’ll probably have only one or two more before her baby boy arrives!

Saturday Kiddos

Last Saturday, Brandon and I went out to Benicia to hang out with Jen and the kids while Josh worked. Claire, as usual, favored her Uncle B best…time to read? Uncle B! Time to play with the cook set? Uncle B! Time to go down for a nap? Uncle B! Time to change the diaper? Uncle B! Ooooh yes…it’s all fun and games being the favorite until the less favorable duties come into play. Uncle B somehow avoided the diaper duty after all, but he did have to be nearby so Claire knew he was there. I alternated between snuggling with Conor and playing with Claire, so I can’t complain.



I have to say, the left-hand picture above is probably by far one of my favorite photos ever–sheer joy captured while Claire was lap-surfing on Uncle B’s lap.


Conor is gaining weight and getting cuter by the minute. He still sleeps a lot, but he’s getting more alert with each day. I love holding the little guy and snuggling him while he naps. Can’t complain!



Conor seems to take after his sister in the little birdlips face department…see Conor here

and a flashback to Claire here:
fishy face

And while I was searching for that last picture of Claire, I found another same-face moment. Conor:

And Claire

Around Town

On Sunday, the gang’s flight didn’t leave until the evening so we had plenty of time to be out and about, enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  We wandered around downtown, enjoying the sites and soaking in some vitamin D.











Bodega Bay

Brandon’s brother and parents decided to take a trip to visit Brandon and me this weekend during some time off.  We decided to make a little weekend out of it and head to Bodega Bay for a little R&R.  It was beautiful and super relaxing–I was able to take some time to read, paint, swim, and soak in the hot tub, so I can’t complain.

the view from our room

brandon’s mom painting

the supplies

my friend, the cow in the field next to our room

tide out time