christmas spirit, guerilla style

The group Improv Everywhere has done it again, this time in a very merry spirit filled, sort of touching way–the “Guerilla Handbell Strikeforce” experiment was a complete success, in my opinion. Way to spread the Christmas Cheer!

giddy moment

okay, okay so this is bragging a little bit BUT i am very excited!  two of my photographs were on a well-known blog today, sfgirlbybay.  victoria of sfgirlbybay has a flickr pool where you can contribute photos, and she occasionally chooses some to feature on her blog, and today two of mine were chosen!  you can see the post here:

Sunday in Your City

the weekend

i know i haven’t been posting much lately, and i really don’t have a good excuse as to why–it’s mainly been that work has been nutso, and i haven’t been bringing my camera with me when i’m out and about.  this post is going to be totally picture-free, sadly.

saturday morning, brandon and i went out to thrift town in the mission to pick up some last minute pieces for a mad men party we attended saturday night.  it was a gorgeous morning, and we ended up walking there and back, instead of taking public transit.  we ended up scoring what we needed, so that made the trip even better!  we also ran into some religious saints march from a church in the mission to a church 4 miles away–it was pretty cool to see.  there were literally hundreds of people (see why i was cringing that i left my camera at home?) participating in the march.

the rest of saturday was filled with general errand-running and chore-doing.  we attended a fabulous mad men party, complete with party dresses, neck scarves, pumps, suits, pocket squares, cufflinks, and more gel in the men’s hair than normal.  it was fun to see how people really got into it!  it was a very fun event, and excuse to dress up.

sunday was a little less eventful, mostly filled with chores and work, but you have to gear up for the week sometime, i guess!  hopefully i will have more to post soon–i have multiple crafts i need to finish, a couple things i just need to photograph, and i just need to bring my camera places!  this coming week is brandon and my 2 year wedding anniversary, so i’ll at least have to post something for that!

i raced!

so this morning was the komen race for the cure.  i didn’t take any pictures because, well, it’s sort of hard to run with a clunky camera, and brandon was sweet enough to run with me for support, but this meant there was no one to hold onto the camera for me while we ran.

anyway, it was a very inspirational event.  they have pink racing bibs and shirts for cancer survivors, so it is very obvious who has had the disease.  on top of that, almost everyone had “in memory of” or “in celebration of” lists pinned onto themselves.  groups had shirts, costumes, you name it.  i was happy and honored to be part of an event for such a worthy cause–it definitely inspired me to seek out more events like this one.  i highly recommend it for people in other cities, and in the future!  they have these races all over the nation, and i believe even all over the world!  you don’t have to be a runner either–it’s very walking friendly, and they even have a 1 mile fun run in case you aren’t up to the 3.1 miles.

thanks to everyone who supported me–i really appreciate it!

mystery SOLVED.

so, a few weeks ago upon doing a thorough cleaning of our apartment, i started discover these little…well, things.  little roundish black things.  concentrated in areas that the cats lay (mostly our bed and the couch).  i immediately freaked out and thought serious bug infestation and went on a cleaning rampage.  i vaccuumed twice, washed all our slip covers, stripped the bed, etc., but i found no other evidence of these “bugs.”  i googled to see if i could discover what it was and what came up?  bed bugs.  eeeeew.  then i REALLY freaked out and desperately searched the apartment, but when i got into things we had none of the symptoms–no little spots on our sheets, no bites, nothing.

i was uneasy, but decided that it wasn’t bed bugs.  we flea combed the cats with no results.  they seemed to go away for a little while, but sure enough they would come back.  it’d find a few, sometimes more but i just couldn’t figure it out.  i kept telling my mom “they look like seeds, but i have no idea where those would be coming from!”  the cats weren’t behaving strangely, didn’t seem itchy, etc.  i didn’t really talk about it with people because i was embarassed that maybe we did have a bug infestation, but i was pretty confident that it wasn’t one, especially because i wasn’t being bit–and those who know me know that if someone is going to be bit by a bug, it’s going to be me.  many times.

fast forward to last night.  i come home and notice, as usual, polly is on the bed.  you might remember polly from a while back, seen here with stu

i also noticed there were these mystery things around polly. when i picked polly up i noticed she was a little threadbare on her sides. i then remembered that polly has a velcro tummy where delicious catnip packets are stored. upon opening her up i realized YES! polly was the culprit! her little catnip packets apparently included some sort of catnip seed or something and indeed we do not have bugs, but seeds! i cannot tell you the sense of relief i had.

the funniest part is that the cats rarely play with polly when we’re home–in fact, the only sign that she gets moved around is that almost every day when we get home from work, she’s on our bed like a prize brought to us by the boys. now judging from her wear and tear, as well as her little seed trail i know she gets a lot of love when we aren’t home!

race for the cure


just a reminder that my race for the cure 5k is one week for today!  if you were contemplating signing up, the last day to do so online is today so head over to susan g. komen’s race for the cure and register! or, if leaving the running shoes in the closet is more your style, you can still show your support, either by showing up to cheer me on, sending a word of encouragement, or making a donation for this great cause.


so, i interrupt my dc series with a brief story about the crazy thunder/lightning storm that occured early this morning.  i was awake due to a mild case of insomnia when suddenly i saw a flash.  at first i thought i imagined it but then i heard a distant rumble.  then lightning lightning lightning, thunder, and repeat.  for hours.  it was super foggy, so when i could actually see a lightning bolt (instead of the fog just lighting up) i knew the storm was very close.  i have definitely never experienced a storm like that in san francisco, and perhaps in the bay area period.  the amount of lightning and duration of the storm was ridiculous.

i love electrical storms, but i also get a little anxious/jittery, especially when they’re directly overhead.  this morning i was half awake when i heard a BOOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOoooooM followed by just about every car alarm on the block instantaneously going off.  because the thunder clap was so long and intense and i was half asleep (as in our building shook, the windows rattled, the cats darted under the bed and were jumpy for the next 2 hours) i honestly thought we were being bombed.  like, i had a mini freak out.  my mind was put to ease when no cacophany  of sirens followed but i was still quite shaken.  turns out lightning struck a transformer only a mile away with that big boom.  here is a link to a video that captures pretty much exactly what i experienced:

thunder in san francisco

the strangest part?  brandon looked outside and said there were people walking down the street that didn’t even appear to flinch at such a large boom–as in they had no reaction.  i probably would have screamed and run for cover, but that’s just me.

where have i been?

so, i haven’t been blogging this week.  i have no other defense other than being totally busy and sick–and i haven’t been taking my camera around.

so, last week i woke up on monday night feeling really really really sick.  i spent some time every hour for about 5 hours in the bathroom throwing up.  fun, right?  poor brandon was in the middle of a big crunch at work, so i felt awful for keeping him up.  turns out it actually wasn’t really me keeping him up–the cats would wait outside the bathroom, and then when i came out, stu would run ahead and go poke brandon and wake him up, alerting him of my return.  sweet intentions from the kitty, but not so great for brandon.  i obviously missed work on tuesday (i did go to the doctor, got some meds, i am fine now).

this day off work came at an inconvenient time–brandon and i leave this coming wednesday for washington dc to visit one of my good friends from high school.  neither of us have every been, so we’re really excited!  we’ll be gone a week, but we both have a lot to get done at work before we go.  needless to say between my illness, deadlines, and preparing for vacation, we’ve been busy!

we did get to have some fun in all of this–we went to the giants game on friday in the midst of a total fluke heat wave–i was the happiest clam ever.  shorts and a tank top through the end of the game?  yes please! and tonight we had a lovely glass of wine with a friend from college and her husband.  it was nice to change pace on a week night and catch up with a dear old friend with some good conversation.

anyway, that’s where i’ve been lately.  laying low, working, getting things ready for vacation.  can’t wait!  be prepared for a lot of pictures from dc!

long sigh

well, i popped open my laptop at the end of a fantastic day with the intention of blogging about this last weekend and my fantastic day. when i went on facebook, however, i began seeing messages from my friends that were startling and depressing. things like “stunned” and “can’t believe it’s true” and “r.i.p danny.” from the group of people it was, i began to get an unsettling feeling. that “oh my gosh i think i know who they’re talking about” feeling. and yes, it’s true. it seems that a friend from college passed away in a car crash this morning. while i hadn’t really talked to him much since college, we shared many good memories.

obviously, i no longer feel like blogging about my weekend/day right now. i promise i will. for now, hug your loved ones, tell them you love them, and say a little prayer for danny’s family and friends…