the drive home

Well, it’s been almost a month, but I’m just now getting around to documenting our drive home from Portland with the cats.  I was quite impressed–by the drive home it seems like they got the hang of traveling in the car.  We waited out a storm in Portland to avoid snow through the mountains, and it made for quite a beautiful drive home.







pink & chew

So over Christmas we had not two, but four cats hanging about–we kept Ben and Stuart quarantined in our bedroom so we didn’t have any kitty fights while Pinky and Chewbaca roamed the house.  Pink and Chew are Brandon’s parents’ Himalayans.  Without further ado…






Christmas Rewind

I know that Christmas has come and gone, but I never finished my Christmas posts!  Plus, I’ll sheepishly admit I just got around to taking down our Christmas decorations today–at least I got them down before my birthday, right?

Anyway, I’ll carry on with our Portland trip.  I had really been hoping for some snow while we were up there, and the weather indulged!  We had gone to the Portland Art Museum, and while waiting for our party to reconvene, I looked out and noticed it was snowing!  Yes, indeed, I did a happy dance right there in the museum entrance–right after I ran outside into the snowflakes and twirled around a little.  It was a beautiful scene, but then we decided to pack up and head home before the roads got too messy.  It was a good thing we did, because later we watched as people unsuccessfully tried to get up the hill that Brandon’s family live on.  It snowed a good few inches by nightfall, and it was absolutely beautiful. The next morning a lot of it had melted away, but it was fun while it lasted.

**on a sidenote, we saw the China Design Now exhibition there which we really enjoyed. I notice that it just ended today, so sorry my endorsement is a little late. However, if it comes to a city near you I highly recommend it! Very interesting variety of content, and great design items, with some architecture stuff.**





The kitties had their first “experience” with snow…they actually seemed a little interested.



Ben & Stuart, Portland style

So as I’ve mentioned before, the kitties came to Oregon with us.  When we’re up there, they are confined to our bedroom (Brandon’s parents have two cats as well), but they are surprisingly content staying in the room.  They liked napping under the bed, or on the bed in the sun while we were there.  One morning when I went up to visit with the boys, the lighting was perfect and they were in a posing mood, so I snapped some pictures of the goofballs…











Holidays Rewind

So Brandon and I trekked up to Portland for Christmas in the car with the cats. We both had to work part day on Christmas Eve, so we left in the afternoon and drove to Redding and spent the night to break up the drive. Since we were going to be spending Christmas Eve on the road, I decided to do a little stocking exchange (we had already exchanged gifts earlier in the month). It ended up being even more fun and exciting than I anticipated! I think Brandon and I both gave each other things that were totally unexpected but perfect! The kitties enjoyed exploring the hotel room and perching on the high wardrobe in the room–Ben sat up there most of the night.





thanksgiving weekend [concluded]

the rest of our thanksgiving was lovely and low-key. friday we did indeed go to powell’s books, where i did a little damage, but not TOO much. i have come to conclude that powell’s is pretty much the greatest bookstore ever. after that we went back home to hang out and relax and have a quiet evening in. on saturday we visited, did some measurements for a potential remodel of brandon’s parents’ kitchen/living room/dining room area, watched some of the civil war game (oregon vs. oregon state) up until we had to leave to go see a play that we had purchased tickets for the previous day. brandon’s parents stumbled upon the theater and waited for us there while we were in powell’s–they thought we would be interested in the building and they were correct! it is a leed platinum building, an old armory converted into a theater. the play, coincidentally, was about r. buckminster fuller (aka bucky fuller). it was monologue style, sort of telling the story of his own life and his way of thinking and it was absolutely fascinating–i highly recommend it to anyone in the portland area. it was captivating, had a clever use of media, and i have definitely spent some time thinking back on what was said and how it impacts me and my own thinking.
also in portland, pinky and chewy (they were kept separate from our cats while we were there)
the ride home went even more smoothly than the ride there–less traffic and less feline distress…stuart seemed more settled this time, and the cats slept on my lap most of the ride home…

happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving everyone! today was part two of our roadtrip to portland, with a safe arrival here in oregon. we started yesterday afternoon, leaving san francisco at 4. actually, let me revise that statement. we left our apartment at 4…we left san francisco at about 5:30, so yes, that means it took us 1.5 hours to drive a distance that would have taken me about 30-45 minutes to walk. we decided to sedate the kitties which turned out to be a wise choice, especially since our trip ended up taking us about double what it should have. the cats were unhappy in their carriers, then they calmed down, then they freaked out, then i put them in one carrier and they calmed down for a bit, but once we actually started moving they were REALLY unhappy. i was trying to follow the vet’s recommendation/safe route by keeping them in their carriers (in case we got into a car accident, there would be a much lower risk of losing them) but that didn’t last. first stuart made me panic because he started panting and his paws were clammy (who knew that happened in cats) and then ben busted out of his carrier–while i was holding it shut.

brandon and i decided to just go with it (and we needed to calm stuart down) so we just let them out. i was in the backseat with them, and brandon was driving. at first they meowed a bit and wandered around to check things out (i was wondering when those so-called sedatives were supposed to kick in–we were well past the 1-2 hour mark the vet said it took for them to kick in…our cats must be in that population that “fights” the effect), and then after about 20 minutes they decided they weren’t dying, stu’s paws cooled down and he wasn’t panting anymore, and they settled in for the rest of the ride to redding. ben slept most of the way, while stu was a little more restless, but he was calm.

after our night in redding, we packed up the car again and headed out early this morning. we relied on the leftover effects from yesterday’s sedative (the vet said it works for a day, and that seemed to be the case). they were very well behaved, with the exception of one panicked meowing/car exploration outburst by ben for about 10 minutes (i was mostly afraid he was getting sick), but other than that they were great. ben slept in the carrier (he wanted to be in there as long as the door wasn’t shut) for 99% of the drive, while stu rotated from the rear window to my lap to my feet to the other carrier about every 15-30 minutes…

beautiful mt. shasta during sunrise
at one point stu decided to join ben…in the small carrier. ben was thrilled, as you can see
the fog had settled into the valley, making it look almost like a lake
stu checking things out
typical positions
the backseat arrangement

after arriving in portland, we settled in and had a wonderful thanksgiving meal. i hope everyone was able to take a moment and reflect on that they are thankful for as we enter this holiday season, and that you had a wonderful day, whatever you were doing.

tomorrow i think we’re heading to powell’s bookstore…i can’t wait!


well, i’m back from portland and uploaded the photos! it was a pretty uneventful/relaxing weekend overall. we did a lot of sleeping, olympics watching, painting, and relaxing. i really enjoyed my time up there and hope i can spend more time there in the future. anyway, the weekend in photos….

waiting for our plane at sfo

brandon, day 1 of painting, starting with the high stuff

my painting project, primer coat (unfortunately i do not have the final result to show)

brandon’s fake disdain at me playing with our new toy

my genuine excitement over our new toy

self portrait, lunch with jenn

at pdx a little early, waiting for my flight

still waiting…

and waiting…

on the way to the airport i noticed a little lightening and some rain drops. i got dropped off, went inside, found a spot to sit with a nice view of outdoors and then…more lightening. and thunder. and BIG raindrops. and planes still taking off. it made me a little nervous, but hey, if the pilot is willing to fly…then the power goes out. it only half came back on and then they started making announcements about delays which, oddly enough, had nothing to do with the weather in portland but instead was due to a problem with air traffic control in san francisco. my flight was supposed to leave at 9:25am, but they made an announcement that we’d know something at 9:30. then it was 10:00. then we were going to leave at 10:59. then it was pushed back to 10:40 so we rapidly boarded. we got all settled, everyone strapped in, seats and tray tables in the upright position, and “hello passengers, this is your captain speaking.” apparently sfo was not ready for us and therefore pushed back our take-off another 50 minutes. we ended up leaving around 11:50 for a 1:15pm arrival. needless to say i was a little later for work than i had originally intended. oops.

anyway, i’m back home safe and sound. this evening i decided to play a little more with the camera and (surprise surprise) i used the cats as my subject. well, only stu because ben wasn’t cooperating.


and stu, yes, i notice you sitting there behind my wine with your paw casually on it…

a weekend away

well, i don’t have any pictures to post at the moment, but just wanted to say hello from the pacific northwest. brandon and i are in portland this weekend, helping paint his parents house. well, i should say brandon is helping paint the house. i’ve been put in charge of the front door/entryway which has actually been more of an ordeal that we thought, but it’s getting done. it’s been so nice just to get away and not have to think…

tomorrow morning i’m having breakfast with a friend from high school, which should be fun, and then back to door painting! pictures to come soon…