Vacation Photos…From Almost a Year Ago

Whoooopsies.  I guess this is what happens when you are 6+ months pregnant and you take film photos on vacation and then go ahead and have that baby…your life gets a little crazy and you forget to develop those photos.  ANYway…last year Brandon and I attended the wedding of my good friend in Nashville.  We decided to make a trip out of it, and visit a few other destinations that we had been wanting to go to, namely Charleston and Savannah.  We also added a little side trip to Hilton Head while we were at it.

I’ll separate this out into a post per location, so for starters, our trip to Nashville, in film:

Construction site visible right next to our hotel




Next up will be Charleston!

My Modeling Debut

(all images courtesy of Edyta Szyszlo Photography)

Okay, this is a little belated, early in the year Edyta asked if she could use my apartment as well as my face for an bridal shower inspiration shoot. I was thrilled with the request and agreed immediately (well, after it was cleared with the husband).

I have to admit I was a little nervous about the” modeling” aspect, but I was ridiculously excited about the whole event and to see how it would come together.  I really didn’t know exactly what would be happening, other than it would be taking place in my dining room.

There were a whole slew of extremely talented people who brought this together and made this gorgeous shoot happen so pop on over to Ruffled, where this was featured, to get all the details.  There’s a link to a gallery at the bottom of the post to see all sorts of photos!

Little Man + A Little Something

So, for starters, that “exciting side project” that I referred to a couple posts ago (here) is getting launched on Monday, so stay tuned for that!  I’ll do a little blurb here directing you to where you can get more information, etc.   I’m hoping the side project doesn’t really affect this blog, but the reality is that there will probably be less posts here due to the time spent on the other thing.  That said, I am going to do my best not to let Come Blow Bubbles fall by the wayside!  I want to continue my “online journal” of life with updates about things like my ridiculous cats.

Alright, enough about that.  On to Little Man!  I did a couple sneak peek photos last post, but now for the rest (or at least a few more).  Baby expressions crack me up…

This one says “I don’t know, why are you asking me?”

this one looks like little man is caroling

101107_016 101107_012


101107_026 101107_027

101107_030 101107_031

Oh the many faces of Little Man! How very cute he is…

Erica @ 32 Weeks

My, how time flies!  It feels like I was just taking pictures of Erica with a teeny almost non-existent baby bump and now here she is, 8 months pregnant.

101030-erica32wks_005 101030-erica32wks_008

101030-erica32wks_011 101030-erica32wks_007

She’s on the home stretch, and she’s starting to feel like it. The determination is setting in, but so is the organ-rearrangement and resulting fatigue.  Luckily for Erica, despite how she might feel, she looks beautiful and radiant.


101030-erica32wks_023 101030-erica32wks_026

101030-erica32wks_030 101030-erica32wks_034

The above photo on the right is one of my favorites from the day–I think it really captured her essence.

101030-erica32wks_039 101030-erica32wks_043

Well, our remaining shoots are numbered–we’ll probably have only one or two more before her baby boy arrives!

Happy Second Birthday, Claire!

Last week was Miss Claire’s big 0-2 celebration!  I can’t believe that little smooshie muffin has turned two already!  My, how time flies.  We celebrated with a party in the park with family and friends, so here are some pictures from the day.

2010oct16_011 2010oct16_012

Her friend Decklyn

2010oct16_017 2010oct16_018

Cousin Aiden

2010oct16_026 2010oct16_027


The Birthday Girl (and who knew bark was SO much fun???)

2010oct16_044 2010oct16_049

2010oct16_052 2010oct16_057

And of course, Little Man, aka Conor (I know, I’ve been a terrible aunt and haven’t taken many pictures of this cutie fella)

2010oct16_062 2010oct16_063

The birthday girl and her schmancy Nemo cake made by Meme



mmmm…cake…meanwhile, Conor takes a moment of contemplation

2010oct16_089 2010oct16_090

And a little family portrait of Decklyn and her parents


Overall it was a lovely (if not a little blustery) day! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Claire.

More Maternity

Well, with that blog post title, I’m guessing you wouldn’t expect to see photos like this:


Especially when I tell you that this girl is 34 weeks along. With twins. Twin girls, to be exact. It’s a little more obvious from the front.


Jess is a coworker/friend of Erica. Erica asked if I’d be interested in photographing Jess, and of course I gave a resounding yes! I jumped at the opportunity and set a date to go over and take some photos to capture this time in Jess’ life. Here are the photos from the day.




I couldn’t get over how amazing she looks–so tiny and unpuffy.



I am supposed to go photograph her again next weekend, so look forward to more photos!

More Black and White

Last week I had the opportunity to print more photos at my black and white photography class, and I have to say…I am REALLY enjoying printing. Developing…eh…I find it a little stressful. Printing, however, is a completely different matter. Here are some of the latest…


This next one is actually an accidental double exposure that I took, and I’m actually really really excited about the result.



This one is from the Arcade Fire concert at Berkeley Greek theater


Next up? Conor Oberst at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass


Black and White

Yes, I know, there have been some crickets on this blog for a little bit…it stems from two things: 1) i’ve been really busy and 2) i’ve been taking more film photos than digital. I don’t really like to post without images (I feel like what I have to say frequently isn’t very interesting, but somehow you put pictures with it feels like more people would be willing to stop by), and since film development isn’t as instantaneous as film…well…the posts have been backed up.

Okay, enough of the excuses, etc., and onto the fun stuff–I’ve been taking a black and white film photography class! It’s a 5 week class, 4 hours one day a week through City College San Francisco. It’s mainly about the darkroom, which has been really fun and exciting.
my contact sheet

We developed film two weeks ago and printed some last week. Next week we get to develop/print more, so I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been so much fun being back in the studio atmosphere, which has reminded me how much I miss that aspect of school.


I was pretty pleased with my first roll of film, and am really looking forward to taking more! I feel like the dark room is magic–you stick a blank piece of paper in some liquid and *shizzam* a photo appears. It’s very rewarding!


I’m looking forward to my next few weeks in the photo lab, and I think this has inspired me to be more bold and take more classes.


Fall is in the Air

Fall feels as if it has arrived! Never mind the fact that we basically went Winter–>Spring–>Winter–>Fall (and no, I didn’t temporarily move to the southern hemisphere). Bitter? Yes. Dealing with it? I guess. Anyhoo, this is neither here nor there. I bring up fall because I had a fab little fall photoshoot with Erica and her 25 week baby bump last weekend. She’s FINALLY showing and looking beautiful as ever. Without further ado…

erica_25 wks







Can’t wait for our next shoot!