Photobooth {Belated}

Only a few months late, below is a photobooth picture Brandon, Eleanor and I took at the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair.  Eleanor was about 3 weeks old when these photos were taken.  Brandon and I had gone to this craft fair the previous two years, and taken a photobooth pic at each, so we decided to carry on the tradition with the addition of Eleanor.  Enjoy!  Also, note how she progressively is more and more asleep in each photo…

Out and About

I live in San Francisco. This means it’s not always practical/convenient to drive; well, who am I kidding…it’s in fact rarely convenient to drive. Between getting the car and finding parking, it usually just doesn’t make much sense, especially because most things are within walking distance or are a quick bus ride away.

For my sanity and for the sake of fresh air, I try and get out at least once a day, and have done so since Eleanor was about a week old.

It’s amazing how much attention you get when you are out and about with a baby, especially a younger baby. People remark “Aww, a baby!” and ask how old, boy/girl, etc. I don’t mind these interractions typically (unless someone is trying to touch Ellie, then I mind) but sometimes people volunteer suggestions that are a little bit…unnecessary. I am always polite and return their comments with a smile or nod and then wait until I have my back to them to roll my eyes.

Some of the comments I have gotten are:

“It’s too cold to have her out in this weather!”
“She’s not warm enough!”
“Why are you holding her like that?”
“Can she breathe?” (this is when I had her in the Moby wrap, and she had face-planted into my chest. Yes, she could breathe, although I was tempted to say no, she can’t)

And my favorite, while taking Ellie on the bus:
“On the bus at this age! Well, she is going to be immune to everything…”

When Brandon and I are out with Eleanor and we get the comments, Brandon always remarks how I really can’t go anywhere without someone saying something. Nope…luckily I am confident enough in my parenting that nothing really gets to me. Smile at the time and then laugh when I recount the “advice” to Brandon later.

A Weekend Away


The week after my birthday proved to be a long week for some reason.  The baby was crabby and not sleeping well which puts a big drain on everyone.  On Friday around noon I was at a café working, and I got a call from Brandon asking what I was doing.  I said I was working, but just about to pack up and go home to which he replied “Good.  When you get home pack an overnight bag for you and Eleanor.”


Woohoo!  I love surprise getaways.  Brandon booked us a room at the Seal Cove Inn in Half Moon Bay, where I took him for his 29th birthday.  It’s a beautiful, cozy spot that is only 30 minutes from our home so you feel  like you’re getting far away without taking up the whole weekend to get there.


Between some good naps that day and just how relaxed Brandon and I were, Eleanor was amazing on the trip.  We had such a great time!  I even got a soak in the jacuzzi tub while Brandon entertained Ellie.  We took walks along the coast, watched a movie, ate, drank and just had an extremely relaxing time.  A jacuzzi tub, a fireplace, a comfy bed, fresh baked cookies…what more could a girl ask for?


Trips like this are a great refresher, reminding me of all I have to be thankful for (and it’s a lot!). Thanks to Brandon for making this trip happen…such great memories as one of our first family trips!

Get Well Soon, Dad/Introducing Dr. Claire

I know, I know, it’s been a while.  I’m skipping the excuses and just heading straight into the post.


My dad had his knee replaced on Thursday (icky), and so the last few days have been spent hanging out with the family and with Dad, taking turns entertaining him at the hospital.  I have to say I’m guessing one of the highlights was his visit from Dr. Claire.


(on the left, Claire walking with Uncle B. She had to hold a hand through the parking lot and she chose Uncle B; on the right, poor dad and his plethora of hospital bracelets)

Dr. Claire came in her scrubs with stethoscope around her neck help PopPop get better, administering “medicine” and also giving him a card she had made him. She loved asking PopPop lots of questions, and watching him recline and sit up in the hospital bed.

Aside from hospital time, I got lots of kiddo time but yet again I left my camera, so these iPhone snapshots had to suffice.


Here we have Conor and some rapid bead-flinging action, and Claire coloring with her chalk.

Overall it was a nice weekend with family, just unfortunate circumstances. Get well soon, Dad!

Sunny San Francisco, Part II

Whoopsies, this is a little more belated than I intended it to be; nevertheless, here it is. Part II of our sunny day in San Francisco with the munchkins. Gosh I love these kids…I feel like Colin Firth in his Oscar acceptance speech when I think about them (the part about the stirrings in the upper abdominals and dance moves). Anyhoo…onto the photos!





a taste of kara’s

the aftermath of kara’s

yeah. go ahead, just try and tell me those photos didn’t make you happy!

Sunny San Francisco, Part I


On Sunday my sister called to let me know that she and her fam, including her inlaws, were headed to San Francisco on the ferry, and would we be able to join for a few hours? I have been itching to see everyone, so of course I jumped on the opportunity. Brandon and I grabbed some breakfast and then headed to Pier 39 to meet up with the gang. Here is part I of the beautiful sunny afternoon! This post will be mostly Conor photos, and the next one will be more heavily Claire.


Ugh, don’t you want to just pinch those squishy cheeks? Also, notice the pirate ships on his sweater–there’s a skull and crossbones on the back. Christmas gift courtesy of Auntie & Uncle B.

Christmas Day!

A little belated, but here are some photos from Christmas day.  I didn’t take too many since I spent most of the day playing “fort” with Claire, which consisted of me laying on my old bedroom floor under a blanket with her.

“Auntie B! Come in the fort with me!”
“Where’s bunny?  Need bunny in the fort.  And little bunny in the fort.  And teddy in the fort.  Where’s bunny?”
“It’s dark.  I’m afraid. [she flips the lights on and off multiple times] It’s dark in the fort.  Where’s bunny?”

When I wasn’t going in and out of the blanket with Claire, I was hanging out with Conor and just all around enjoying being Auntie B.

DSC_0149 DSC_0153



DSC_0157 DSC_0159

Anyone else see Claire’s Cindy Lou Who resemblance?  And how big is Conor???

Christmas Eve

I’m finally getting around to taking photos off my camera from the end of the year so here’s the first batch–Christmas Eve!  Our tradition is to spend Christmas Eve at my Grandma’s house (my Mom’s mom), where we feast, sing, laugh, and celebrate.  Here are some photos from the evening…

DSC_0106 DSC_0107

Unca B helping Claire

DSC_0116 DSC_0119

Cousin Laura helping with Claire and Aiden


The whole family (well, those who were present)


The cousins eating…

All in all it was a very pleasant evening–it doesn’t get much better than good times with family!


Phew!  It’s been quite a while, and it’s been bothering me that I haven’t had a chance to post.  I have been so busy that it took me weeks to download my Thanksgiving pictures compared to what I usually do, which is download them as soon as I get home from a trip or an outing.  Chalk + Dot has been going quite well, but it’s also been time consuming, especially with my overwhelming work schedule.


Anyway, enough about that!  Time to rewind time back to Thanksgiving.  Brandon, my parents and I went to Yosemite for a wintery Thanksgiving escape.  We were lucky because there was a snowstorm the few days before we arrived, so there was a thick blanket of fresh snow.  It was so absolutely beautiful and serene! As I’ve started writing this, I realize it’s going to be a 2-part post…I have WAY too many pictures to post them all at once!


We arrived Thanksgiving day, and just laid low at the Tenaya Lodge, drinking wine, playing games, and eating.

Friday we got up early, rented some snow shoes, and trekked out to Mariposa Grove to catch a glimpse of some giant sequoia trees. The road was closed out to the grove, so we had to hike in and then snow shoe around once we got there. It was breath-takingly beautiful!


It’s hard to see, but the snow was sparkling like mounds of sugar.


The fresh air, the beautiful scenery…it was the perfect day.


Note the red arrow–that is Brandon standing in front of Grizzly Giant. They aren’t kidding around when they say those trees are giant…

After our invigorating hike we went back to the lodge to clean up, play more games, drink more wine, eat more food, and watch the Oregon Ducks play. That’s all you get for now! More to come on the Yosemite trip…