One Day…

What does it look like to spend a day in my shoes? Or more accurately, in my computer? Well, here’s a little idea of what it looks like…

IOGraphica - 8.5 hours (from 9-01 to 17-36)

The lines represent the trail of my mouse, and the dots are any place I paused. It’s pretty much covered up, but there was a HUGE dot called lunch break.

I first saw this over on Door Sixteen a few months ago. Randomly the other day I remembered it, and then went to work! I must say, this little doodad from IOGraphica is pretty sweet!

light installation

On Sunday, Brandon and I strolled through CB2–it’s sort of a habit of ours.  We peruse while we’re downtown, then head home (usually empty-handed).  This time, however, we gained a little inspiration and decided to give ourselves a new light for over our dining room table.  Due to an “accident” involving an Ikea paper lantern and a cat (ahem Ben) we had a sadly disproportionate small little globe as a place holder since the larger one got torn (or shall we say shredded).  Brandon and I have been lamenting our hap-hazardly thrown t0gether apartment, so we’re slowly trying to piece together more of our ideal place.  The light fixture, I must say, was our first step and we’re very excited with the results!  Here are some photos of the “installation” in progress…


It’s not 100% yet, but it’s almost there. A list of our materials:
• Ikea light socket that we already owned ($0)–it’s not the prettiest, but it will do for now
• Left over fishing line from various projects in college ($0)
• Picture frame hooks that we had laying around ($0)
• Nails also laying around ($0)
• Glass globes from CB2 (11 @ $1.95 each for a total of $23 and some change with tax)
• A prettier lightbulb than the CFL seen in the top right photo ($3 and some change)


A “new” dining room light for around $27? Yes please! It will end up being a little over $30 after we add a few more globes…I think we need about 3 more. When it’s daylight, you can’t see the fishing line and they globes look like floating bubbles (how appropriate, right? with the name of the blog and all…)


I must say, we’re quite impressed with how our little project turned out! It’s much better than the last light we had, and it makes it that much more special knowing we crafted it AND knowing that it’s semi-dynamic in that we can move the globes around if we want. Hooray for a little weekend DIY! Stay tuned for updates once I get more globes. We also have some furniture changes in the works, so look out for those as well (although they might be a little while…)


Pin It Forward

Today is my day to Pin-it-Forward, the next blogathon by sfgirlbybay!  The “pinning” is from this awesome new web tool called Pinterest. See the bottom of this post for an example of what this is. The theme this time is what home means to us, and for me home is a lot of things–not specifically my apartment (although I do love my apartment), but it’s much more broad than that.  Without further ado…

my home is made of:

cities 01

urban nature

food coffee

friends flowers

memories whimsy

nights beaches

art light


unconditional love

pins from: irenesuchocki, youtookmycookie, newyorq, everydaydude, dyingbeautystock, parisdailyphoto, artpixie, sfgirlbybay, Adore_Vintage, gutsforgarters, designsponge, comeblowbubbles

Here’s a sample of my board (you can find my pinboard here, with explanations of why all these things are home to me):


Thanks again to Victoria of sfgirlbybay for organizing this, and thanks to pinterest for this awesome tool! Tomorrow head over to crazee yummee for the next pin it forward post…


Last Friday I got to spend most of the day out of the office running errands for a job, which was super fun! I started out with an early morning jobsite meeting, then breakfast, then a trip to Oakland to Concreteworks, then back to the city for lunch and a quick office meeting–all with the same client.

The highlight of my day was definitely Concreteworks–I am absolutely obsessed with their work and daydream about the day when I can have some concrete in a house of my own. Anyway, here are some shots I snapped there (with their permission, of course). I didn’t go into the workshop this time, but perhaps next time I’ll take some shots out in the shop/yard…

DSC_0018their sign

DSC_0016experimental samples

DSC_0020color samples

DSC_0027board-formed concrete

DSC_0028the ceiling

DSC_0031more color samples

blog it forward

I am excited to say I am participating in sfgirlbybay’s blog it forward event! It’s basically a ring of 300 bloggers who will blog about what inspires them personally. This should be a fun event! Thanks to Victoria at sfgirlbybay who organized this. It was a first come, first serve basis, and I’m so glad I emailed in time!

Coincidentally, the blogger before me is someone I know! Small world,right? My date is March 15, so stay tuned and feel free to follow along on this event–it begins Wednesday. Check out the blog it forward page for more details and a complete schedule of bloggers.

construction cont’d

A few more pictures from the construction site.  Hope no one is bored with the job site, but I’m enjoying sharing the updates so I will continue.











work, work, work

These past couple months, work as been pretty consuming (in a mostly good way).  I really enjoy the project I am working on and I am beyond thankful to be employed in this economy, it’s just been a lot of long hours.  Visiting the project, however, makes everything worth it!  I am so excited to see the project unfold.  Here are some pictures from my latest site visit:

the rear balcony overhang

the bathroom skylight


the hall skylight



the kitchen


under balcony framing/light


the master bedroom


Claire’s Nursery on Young House Love!

A few months ago I submitted Claire’s nursery to Young House Love (one of my favorite blogs), and yesterday I got the surprise of seeing the post live!  I was so giddy and excited.  You can see the post here:

Reader Redesign:  Baby Bliss

Also, just a little jaunt down memory lane, here are a few posts of how we arrived at Claire’s nursery in its final state:

Mood Board

CAD Drawings (yes, I’m a nerd)

The Sneak Peek

85% Reveal

Nursery Complete

most amazing deal ever!

so, edyta (my wedding photographer) is offering the most amazing deal ever. as in, it seriously makes me contemplate wanting to get married again (to the same guy, of course!) just to take advantage of this if i were to enter and win. she’s giving away a FREE day of wedding photography.

the package includes:

Complimentary Wedding Package (includes 8 hours of coverage, 20pg 10×10 album of your choice, online hosting, disc of images). Couple must pay for travel (airline ticket, car rental and hotel if needed – this will serve as the deposit to secure the date). $4400 value!

sign me up! umm….edyta, can we enter to win just a portrait session? teehee….jealous! so ladies (and gents)…head over to edyta’s blog to get more details and send in your entry! this is an amazing (and cost-saving) opportunity.