adelie and the orca giveaway on moderncat

image courtesy of moderncat

toys, clockwise from top left: parisian mouse from 4 paws, knit fish cat toy from adelie and the orca, binkie sweetie toy from osha, catnip donut from catzilla crafts, woodland friends organic hemp cat toys from the modern pet, and mink catnip body pillow from kitty of mine.

so this week is toy giveaway week on moderncat, and there have been tons of amazing giveaways! i offered up a knit catnip toy (via adélie and the orca), and today you can have a chance to win! check out the posts from the week–some amazing etsy shops to discover, and tons of giveaways! if you have a feline friend who could use some spoiling, head on over and enter to win! thanks, again, moderncat for 1. being an amazing website and 2. featuring my kitty toy (and stu’s tooshie)

ben and stuart break

well, i feel like it has been a little while since i’ve put up some kitties. i’m guessing it’s been more like 3 days or something :::::checking archives:::::: wow! no! it’s been almost two weeks! time for some ben and stu indeed…

this morning i was attempting to take a picture of my newest kitty toy for etsy…the cats were helping
sniff sniff
paws, for scale

and here are the kids, waiting for me to put the toy back down (yeah right i’m going to put it down)


the boys eating…this was the cute moment, before stuart threw up because he gorged himself on the food.

first sale!

yay! made my first sale on etsy! thank you to LoveErica for the purchase of a catnip kitty toy for her three kitty cats…

erica is a budding photographer, making her way through college currently. this is my favorite print in her shop at the moment…