Well. It’s been a while since I’ve given a cat update but Ben has had some behavior as of late that warrants one. Ben has been acting like an acrobatic cat, or acrocat as I like to call him. Last night I heard a ruckus and got out of bed to find him hanging by his claws in the doorway between our living room and dining room. Hanging. From the top of the door trim. My cat, dangling 7 feet in the air.

This evening, while sitting at home, he surprised me with another acrobatic feat. He just discovered he can jump from our table to the bookcase (the bookcase was the last place in the apartment he couldn’t reach) and tonight he felt like taking things a bit further. I tried to snap this video before he quit, so it’s not the best.

Cats Update!

Well, it’s been a while and an update on the cats is long overdue! I’ve gathered a little collection of photos from my phone to share here…

IMG_0536 IMG_0535

IMG_0534 IMG_0533

IMG_0532 IMG_0531

From the top left: Stu snuggling in our bed in the morning, the cats peeking out the bathroom window, the boys snuggling together, Stu in our hotel room on the way home from Oregon, Ben with cornbread batter on his face, and one more of the two brothers snuggling.  Goofballs, the two of them!

Founders Day 2010!

Well, I feel like a bad mom–the cats’ founders day slipped right by us without any celebration!  For those of you who are newer to the blog, we don’t know when the cats were actually born since they were found, but we do know the date that we found them, so in lieu of a birthday celebration every year, we celebrate founders day.


Anyway, once I realized that I had neglected their special day, I quickly went online and saw that my favorite kitty blog, ModernCat, had a lovely fall/halloween toy limited edition package available and I snapped one right up.  The package arrived a few days later and boy oh boy were they excited.


Those two couldn’t, and still can’t get enough, of the toys!  Stuart enjoys gnawing on the felt rollers, and both boys bunny kicked the crap out of their modkickers.


Stu also earned the nickname “Sparklehorse” because he took quite a liking to an extra little treat that was included in their package–an orange sparkley ball.


Both cats love carrying the sparkle ball around, growling and hissing at each other to protect their loot.






When I glance at this next photo, it almost looks like it’s one cat and a mirror


I highly recommend the ModernCat Studio toys for the kitty in your life–they’ve been quite the hit at our household!  Also, if you’re curious what is with those blocks of color on our wall, stay tuned.  I’m going to blog about those sometime soon…

Happy Friday!

I’ll send you off to enjoy your weekend with a little hello from Stuart (aka Stevie, as we’ve taken to calling him lately.  “Oh Stevie…“).  Just a sampling of what we deal with over at our house…



These next shots came right after I finished changing the sheets on the bed (his favorite activity):


“You’re done changing the sheets already?”

“Are you suuuuuuuure?”

Such a little stinker, but so hard to resist! Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!

More Film!

Got my second batch of film photos today…it’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Enjoy!








Sitting Habits

Over the past couple days I have tried to capture some of Ben’s stranger sitting habits. First, we have the sphinx…


Next up? The “I will sit on any surface on top of a surface.”



We’re currently conducting an experiment in our apartment–will the cat sit on a post-it if we put it on a table? Only time will tell…

**update: Stuart is currently sprawled across the post-it. Does that count?**

Kitties Galore!

This last weekend, Brandon was in Portland with his parents and I was here with the kitties…many, many kitties. Seven to be exact. I was watching Edyta’s cats and Lindsay’s cats and how sweet they all were! I also was in amazement that I could, you know, set a bag down without worrying the contents would be spilled out and the strap chewed in half in less that 30 seconds. I’m not used to cats, I’m accustomed to troublemakers.

Anyway, I managed to snap some photos of the precious kitties, although some cooperated more than others. Desher posed as the model she is, Boris was more interested in rubbing his face on my leg, Weezer couldn’t be bothered to move (sure, take a picture if you must), Vail wouldn’t stop rolling on her back and Puma almost gave me a black eye, head-butting the camera into my face. Multiple times.







And that, my friends, was my kitty-filled weekend!