Well. It’s been a while since I’ve given a cat update but Ben has had some behavior as of late that warrants one. Ben has been acting like an acrobatic cat, or acrocat as I like to call him. Last night I heard a ruckus and got out of bed to find him hanging by his claws in the doorway between our living room and dining room. Hanging. From the top of the door trim. My cat, dangling 7 feet in the air.

This evening, while sitting at home, he surprised me with another acrobatic feat. He just discovered he can jump from our table to the bookcase (the bookcase was the last place in the apartment he couldn’t reach) and tonight he felt like taking things a bit further. I tried to snap this video before he quit, so it’s not the best.

Bad Cat Behavior, ep.14

2010jun13_008 I hope my silence on the matter didn’t lead you to believe my cats have suddenly turned into angels. The reality is I just haven’t had my camera as handy lately, but a discovery on Sunday warranted a new episode of bad cat behavior. I went to print and, well, noticed the printer wasn’t going to work very well. 2010jun13_004

2010jun13_002 Before I get claims of being a bad cat parent by allowing my cat to do this, I will tell you the precautions we have made at our house: 1) we have NO (and I literally mean not one) plug-in lamps, 2) we created this charging station to hide our cords, 3) I have tried various “cord deterrents” with no success, 4) I charge all other things that aren’t in the charging station in the bathroom or closet. We knew we were in trouble when, as kittens, we discovered a phone charger suddenly in two pieces. Next to fall victim? A pair of headphones. Then my laptop cord. Now, the printer cable. 2010jun13_003

Lucky for us, we had another printer cable on hand and I was able to print what I needed, but that didn’t lessen the frustration. Brandon and I took a chunk of the afternoon re-arranging our charging station and now have a strict “no printer cord left behind” policy. Printer cords are to be put away after each use. What did the cats have to say about all this? 2010jun13_006


“What did I do?”

Of course they had to recover from their mischief with a good old-fashioned nap.




No, that’s not a seal, it’s just Stuart…

bad cat behavior, ep.13

so, the bathroom bandits strike again.  last time, they took a chunk out of the door.  this time, they took a chunk out of the door jamb.  and tp’d the bathroom.  and took down all the towels.   and knocked my moisturizer into the sink.  and knocked things over in the shower.  in the coler weather, the bathroom door doesn’t stick as well, and the boys get in there.  and then stu locks them in.  and then ben gets upset and tries to get out, taking half the door with him.  ai-yie-yie.  here are some pics from the aftermath–not the best pictures, but i was trying to take the pics quickly while the cats swarmed like sharks in a frenzy.


yes, those are wood shards. from our door jamb.

a picture of a wood chip in my hand for scale


the towel and tp portion of their “fun”


bad cat behavior, ep.12

you thought the boys were calming down and becoming model citizens, didn’t you?  today they have shown yet again why they have earned a bad cat behavior series on the blog.  i came home from work today and didn’t see either of them, so i knew either i had caught them mid nap or they had been bad.  i went with my gut and decided to open the bathroom door (we’ve been keeping it shut because these two couldn’t stay out of the trash can and linen cabinet).  this is what i found:

bad cat behavior, ep.12

bad cat behavior, ep.12

bad cat behavior, ep.12

and ben has made a bigger dent in his woodchuck project. the routine goes like this: ben opens the door. the cats venture in. stuart closes the door with them in the bathroom. ben gets upset and claws the crap out of the door. lovely human apartment inhabitants have to deal with door ripped to shreds. his accomplishment so far:

bad cat behavior, ep.12

bad cat behavior, ep.12

and the damage to the jamb
bad cat behavior, ep.12

AWEsome, right? right. yeah. thanks cats.

bad cat behavior, ep.11 [suitcase stu]

so, i don’t have a picture of the actual bad cat behavior because i’m in bed trying to sleep when it happens, and usually quite cranky on top of that.  when brandon and i are not up in time for ben’s taste, he finds things that he knows will get our attention.

it used to be the picture above our bed–it’d bat at it, pull it away from the wall, slide it along the wall, etc., until i took the picture down.  mr. too-clever-kitty, however, is always up for a challenge.  it only took him a few days to discover a new “neat trick.”

while laying in bed i hear “BANG.  BANG.  BANG” and open my eyes to see ben attempting to open my wardrobe.  the first time i tried to ignore him, but watched to see if he was actually going to open it.  while he didn’t really open it, he did succeed in opening it enough to sneak in–he pulled the door out with his paw, stuck his head in, and then slipped the rest of the way in.  i laughed to myself and thought “ha! serves him right” because he had gotten in a smaller compartment area and closed my eyes again, waiting for the cries to get out.  instead i hear “BANG. BANG. BANG” again and look and out slithers ben.

whew.  that was an unnecessarily long description, but it was all building up to the following photo.

when ben starts banging the wardrobe, i get up and throw this suitcase in front of it. stuart, always the opportunist, automatically assumed we had put the suitcase there specifically as a pedestal for him to lay on, just like everything we have in our apartment.
DSC_0010ooooh stu.

bad cat behavior, ep.10


the culprit, looking oh-so-smug.

the crime?
bad cat behavior, ep.10

yes, this is exactly what it looks like.  my cat can open the fridge.
bad cat behavior, ep.10

okay, so our fridge doesn’t have a strong vacuum seal, but come on. opening the fridge? seriously, cat? so, our fridge now has a stool in front of it. inconvenient, yes, but cat proof? so far so good. :::fingers crossed:::

bad cat behavior, ep.9

there will be a video to accompany this at some point, but this “bad” behavior is surprisingly stuart.  he seems to think every object placed anywhere (recently placed or not) is his to bat repeatedly until it falls.  typical sequence of events (plus my inserted commentary of what i think is going through his mind:

stuart: did that move, or did i move it? i’m not sure…
[waits, watches]
stuart: wait–did it move, or was that me again?
[waits, watches]
[swat, swat swat swat]
stuart: did it move?
[swat swat swat, till the object falls]

and the sequence in photos:
bat cat behavior, ep.9
bat cat behavior, ep.9
bat cat behavior, ep.9

bad cat behavior, ep.8

yes, the boys are at it again. this time, i came in the door and saw something…weird on the floor. i wasn’t sure what it was until i saw the box. let me clarify–the previously unopened granola box that had been sitting on our counter. notice i said previously unopened.

bat cat behavior, ep.8

bat cat behavior, ep.8

bat cat behavior, ep.8
they acted like they did nothing wrong. stinkers.

bad cat behavior, ep.7

i know i’ve mentioned ben’s habit of batting at pictures on the wall, but i finally captured it on camera. seriously, at times the pictures on our wall are like at 30 degree slants because of him…it makes my blood boil, especially because he comes up behind me while i’m sitting on the couch and does it.
bad cat behavior, ep.7
notice how BOTH pictures in this photo are skewed. thank you, interior decorator ben. on a happier note, the framed picture on the right is our wedding haiku. it looks much better when it’s straight, but i love it even when it looks like it’s about to fall off the wall, thanks to our cat.

thankfully stu hasn’t quite grasped this habit…yet…(knock on wood)

bad cat behavior, ep.6

bad cat behavior, ep.6
this sock pictured above started out behind that door at the end of the hall…in a clothes hamper. ben and stuart have a newly discovered affinity for wool socks. like, an obsessive affinity. as in i bury a pair of socks in the dirty clothes hamper and by morning they are strewn about the apartment.

now, random fact about me, i don’t like wearing socks most of the time (or shoes for that matter, if i had a choice) so it’s only on very cold days that i end up wearing socks. this means the wool socks haven’t had much time out, but lately these cats can’t get enough. it started when we got back from tahoe and brandon dumped out our suitcase. both socks in my pair got “stolen.” i put them in the hamper, under other things, and by morning they were back out. i wore another pair of wool socks, and again….put them in the hamper, and while we’re watching tv i see ben run by, sock in mouth.
bad cat behavior, ep.6
pretty much every day this week we come home to socks somewhere in the apartment.