I’m a 20-something living in San Francisco, sharing my life with my husband and 2 insanely crazy cats.  I love urban adventures, traveling, reading, making things, and taking pictures.  I also absolutely adore my little niece, who frequently makes appearances on my blog.  When I’m not blogging and doing all sorts of fun things, I am working at an architecture firm.  Fireworks and trampolines make me giddy, as does a good concert or a warm sunny day.

Now for the boring/annoying stuff.  The views and opinions expressed on my site are solely my own and do not represent those of the organizations, employers or institutions I may be affiliated with or write about, past, present or future. I am not an official representative or spokesperson of any of these organizations, employers or institutions on this or any other associated website or media, as the aim of this weblog is to serve as my personal journal. All of my photography and writing are protected under State and Federal Copyright Law, all of my work is under the license ‘All rights reserved’. Which means you may not copy, use, modify, share, distribute, re-post, steal, screenshot, or by any other means take and use in any fashion anything which appears on this or any other affiliated site. The copyrights are retained by the copyright holder (me) and that legal action may be taken against infringement. Current copyright laws are generally extremely restrictive, so therefore express my strong preferences with respect to what people can do with my work. Please ask by emailing me if you desire to feature my work and we can easily work it out with my and your legal rights being retained.

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