Jessi’s Shower

On Saturday, I went to Jessi’s baby shower in Santa Cruz. It ended up being a beautiful day (no rain!) for a shower, and we had quite a lovely time between the mimosas, games, and gifts. Congrats again, Jessi! Here are some pictures from the day… the decor, in nursery colors the “belly brigade,” as […]

Jessi, so far

Well, with Jessi’s baby shower coming up this weekend and only 1, maaaaybe 2 shoots in the future (depending on when baby P decides to arrive), I started getting sentimental about our photoshoots and I decided to take a look back through all the sessions. I also thought it’d just be fun to look at […]

Jessi @ 28 Weeks

It’s time for the Jessi belly watch again!  This sunday Jessi and I embarked on our monthly photoshoot to document her pregnancy.  It’s been really amazing to watch her grow and change through this process, and I’m so happy she’s allowed me to be a part of this all. Today we snapped some pictures along […]

jessi @ 22 weeks

So as you all know, I’ve been documenting my friend Jessi’s pregnancy–so far we’ve captured her at 13 weeks and 17 weeks, and today I shot photos of her at 22 weeks.  It’s been so fun to see her on this journey, and I love seeing “Baby P” grow!  I’m glad Jessi has given me […]

jessi @ 17 weeks

it’s that time again!  the jessi pregnancy photo update…as i mentioned last time, jessi and i are trying to take photos of her once a month to document her pregnancy.  her husband joined us this time for a few pictures so that i could potentially get a christmas card photo for them.  here are some […]

Erica + Mike (plus one)

This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a friend from college who is 14 weeks pregnant.  As soon as I found out she was pregnant, we started plotting a photo series like I did with Jessi.  I couldn’t wait to get started, and on Saturday we took advantage of some beautiful sunshine to begin […]