500! And an Easter Egg Hunt

Well, this is apparently my 500th post!  In many ways I feel like this should have come like 3 years ago, and it would have if I had continued blogging consistently.  Alas, I haven’t so instead we get post 500 today.

On Saturday our church did a community Easter Egg hunt, which was a really great event.  They did crafts and activities and then of course a massive Easter Egg hunt.  Eleanor was interested in the eggs, but more interested in the contents of the eggs.  This meant we had to really go to the edges of the hunt to even get the eggs since other kids were really quick at snatching them up, and Ellie would pick one up and then spend a couple minutes trying to open it, then another couple examining the contents.

140419_EGG HUNT-8

Eleanor and her friend M

The highlight of the day for E was probably the parachute.  I thought at first she might be timid, but she charged right in and couldn’t get enough, giggling and smiling and squealing in delight.
140419_EGG HUNT-13 140419_EGG HUNT-14

140419_EGG HUNT-16 140419_EGG HUNT-21

Of course I didn’t get pictures during the actual hunt because I was busy holding a hand and guiding along, but rest assured it was cute.  After, Eleanor couldn’t wait to find her cousin Claire (they separated the kids by age for the hunt) and was quick to walk hand-in-hand.  So sweet!
140419_EGG HUNT-23

Overall it was a great day!  A little windy, but sunny and warm and the kids all had a blast.

And now for the only picture that I took on actual Easter in her actual Easter dress.
140419_EGG HUNT-1-3

She’s gotten really old, hasn’t she?  Looking all grown up these days…

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