Rainy Days


Rainy days are FINALLY here, and Eleanor could not be happier.  This girl loves umbrellas so much that we must hide them, otherwise she will throw a tantrum if we leave the house and don’t let her have her “brella.”  Further complicating matters, she isn’t content holding an umbrella that is collapsed–it must be open, and she must carry it herself.  Going into the store/library/house becomes a point of contention, since we won’t let her go indoors with the umbrella open, and that is not acceptable to her.  She has gotten better, but it always takes a few minutes to move past the issue.  Dang, does she look adorable with that umbrella, though!  She loves nothing more than throwing on those rainboots, grabbing her umbrella, and heading out into the rain to do some good, old fashioned puddle jumping (or “splash” as she refers to it).


Also, she does not own a raincoat (oops) and she DID have a scarf and hat on, but she quickly took them off because they interfered with her splashing.  She also enjoyed standing under the roof dripline and getting soaked by the big water droplets.  She’s a nut.

In other news, whether it was from said “splashing,” or just from generally being in public around other people, Eleanor has contracted a cold.  Thankfully for me, it is not one that involves copious amounts of snot–those who know me well know that snot is NOT my thing.  It really really grosses me out and I can’t handle it.  Anyway, enough on that.  Whatever she has is more of a chest congestion/cough thing, poor girl.  A quick funny though–her voice is a little raspy, and the other morning she was “exploring” her newly acquired raspy voice, having fun with the strange sounds she could make with it.  SO, back to this illness thing.  Unfortunately, little ones can’t really take much, but she’s been having a tough time sleeping so this mama went a little crunchy and decided to try some things that are a little more natural.

After a trip to the health food store, I came home armed with homeopathic tablets (Eleanor loves these, calling them her “num nums” and is sad she only gets 5 of them 3 times a day), essential oils for breathing easier, and ingredients for a homemade cough “salve” you apply to the bottom of the person’s feet that is supposed to stop the coughing.  Brandon has made plenty of jokes about me having my seance (with the essential oils and candle oil diffuser–don’t worry, we don’t leave this lit in Eleanor’s room), but by golly, she does seem to be breathing easier.  Also, she still has a few coughs with the salve, but she does seem to be coughing less SO I’ll consider it a win.  Plus the bottoms of her feet are extra moisturized now!

In case anyone is curious about my crunchy measures, here is what I have been using:

For breathing easier, I have been using Olbas Oil in a diffuser (now I want an electric one, but for now we’ve been getting by with a ceramic candle diffuser purchased at the dollar store)

For the salve, I made this recipe for a natural cough remedy

For the homeopathic tablets, I have been using Boiron’s Spongia Tosta

Anyone have any go-to methods for fighting colds in the toddler crowd?

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