Growing Up!


Kids…they just grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s been amazing to watch Eleanor’s personality and vocabulary explode lately.  She has taken to saying things like “It’s beautiful, mama!” or “Mmm…delicious!” and even “Here, Mama, I’ll trade you!”  She enjoys singing, or more specifically singing songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, which is a-ok with me.  I pretty much melt instantly when I hear her little voice sweetly singing “I like you, just the way you are…” or “keep trying, you’ll get be-e-tter!”


Her imagination is taking off as well, “making” things in her little kitchen, and “hiking” around our living room.  Her current favorite activity is stirring up a pot of beads, spooning it out and telling me to “try this!”  It’s amazing the little phrases she parrots back to us.  When she spoons me some of said beads (often they are “blueberries” which I find hilarious, because she refuses to eat blueberries but she likes pretending about them!) and then after one bite will say while putting the lid on the pot “Okay, all gone! That’s all we have!”


She also enjoys stacking things, or rather she enjoys stacking them so she can knock them down.  I finally found some blocks for her, because she had taken to stacking packages of diapers and wipes since we didn’t have any blocks around.  Our local library also has those large cardboard box blocks, so we try and take E to the library and let her play with those as well.


E is also getting more adventurous!  Now, that said, she still asked my sister to help her step over the hose in her yard this morning, but she confidently can step from the sidewalk to the grass now, so I consider that a win.  She also can be found running around at the park, yelling “Mama, where are yoooooooooou?” as she runs directly away from me.  She also greatly enjoys the medium and small slides (we have done the large slide a few times, but she seems to enjoy the independence of the other two slides–the large slide requires some team effort) and the swings.  I love seeing her physical confidence grow, as she climbs up and down the play equipment and runs after other children, laughing and smiling.


I was watching her the other night and was struck at how amazing kids are–it is such an honor and blessing to be able to watch her learn and grow, developing into a more independent, self-sufficient little human.  Now for the humorous part of this epiphany moment, let me describe the scene which stuck me: Ellie was sitting in the bath, talking into a bucket (with the bucket completely covering her face).  I was just marveling at how there was definitely something going on in her head, a scene playing out.  There she sat, totally uncaring what anyone around her thought about her antics, entertained completely by what she was doing.  It was also a nice moment to step back and realize we can be happy with so little, if we would only let ourselves. Right? So, now my question for you is what are your truly simple pleasures in life, or have you had an epiphany moment in life lately? Big or small, what was it?

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