Vacation, Part IV: Savannah

Yeah yeah yeah.  Two years later…whoops.  Anyway, first off for any “The Office” fans, remember that episode where they are doing a murder mystery thing at the office and Andy says “there’s been a murder in Savannah…” in his “molasses” accent?  Well, Brandon couldn’t stop saying it throughout our stay here (luckily in the privacy of the two of us, not in public where people might become alarmed).  It kept us laughing the whole time…

And another anecdote.  The first day, first thing we decided to do was to visit Bonaventure Cemetery, the most famous (and supposedly a haunted) cemetery in Savannah.  I always try to be very respectful in cemeteries, but I did want to snap a few photos because it has a really special feel to it–it’s pretty much what you imagine when you think old Southern cemetery.  Anyway, out comes the camera and as I’m snapping a few photos I was like “uh oh…my viewfinder must be dirty” because I started having trouble seeing out my camera.  I then realize that my lens has completely fogged over, like within minutes of being there.  Here’s a little example of what happened:

I, uh, took it as a sign that I needed to stop taking pictures.  For the record, I had other lenses on me and none of them fogged up, and none of my lenses fogged up at all the entire time I was in the South (and there were days that were much higher humidity than that afternoon).

Savannah lived up to its reputation for us: hot, humid, and gorgeous.  We loved just strolling around exploring, we loved the master plan of the garden grid throughout the city, and we loved all the iron/metalwork on the old buildings.


The architecture is just so different from the West Coast style we are used to, and of course I immediately fell in love.  The only thing I didn’t love?  The bug bites.  Otherwise, it was a magical city for us (just like Charleston was).

(For the record, some of these photos are film and some are digital)

I had extra fun seeing the sites because I had read “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” a few years prior, so I already had a fascination with Savannah.  Even without that background, however, I think anyone could feel how special this place is.  It just has an air of mystery and of a time past…


Sigh.  The good thing about posting so long after the fact?  You get to relive a great vacation.  The bad thing?  A bad case of wanderlust renewed…

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