Eleanor has been increasing her vocabulary lately, although I’m not sure it has been the most traditional expansion. She says typical toddler things like mama, dada, doggie, kitty, ball, etc. some of her other favorite words, however, include door and window.

Of course, she also has her own spin on the pronunciation of words. The following is a list of some of her words with pronunciation:
Window: noy-no
Shoe: oosh
Paci (what we call the pacifier): bah-mmm. We have NO clue how she came up with this one
Water: caca. Seriously. And the girl actually loves water. Again, no clue how she came up with this.
Bruce (her aardvark): Booce

(here she is handing me the “phone” aka wii controller)

Other funny little word-related things:
She has started telling me to sit when I am feeding her. Frequently I will hand her food in her high chair while I do things in the kitchen, but now she will tell me to sit and doesn’t like to take the food until I sit next to her.
Any time she sees a pair of shoes she starts saying “Oosh! Oosh! Oosh!” On repeat. She also says this if one of her shoes falls off, which is quite handy. Related: she has taken to putting on my flipflops and trying to walk around the house.
She loves giving an affirmative answer by saying “mmm-hmm!” And nodding instead of saying yes. She has no problem saying no, and emphasizes it with a firm head shake.

She truly is the sweetest, most fun and adorable little girl and she is growing up so fast!  I’m sad that I haven’t recorded more along the way, but I am comforted knowing that I’ve spent much quality time just soaking in the memories.

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