Eleanor, the nut


This is Eleanor at 16 months.  She is happy, she is sweet, she is a nut.  On the day these were taken, we were playing the sunglasses game.  I would put them on her face, and she would move around, trying to keep them on.  When they fell off, she would attempt to put them back on, have trouble, then hand them to me to start the cycle again.

Eleanor sings and babbles all.  the.  time.  It’s absolutely adorable.  Her vocabulary is also expanding rapidly and she frequently parrots what I say.  For instance, I said “Oh MAN!” the other day and then heard a little echo behind me.  Her favorite words lately are “ball” and “doggie,” but her standard words include mama, dada, kitty, doggie, ball, up, thank you, bubble and cheese.  Some adorable words to watch her form are Stu (one of our cats’ names) and Lola (my sister’s dog).

She has adjusted quite easily to our new life, is sleeping great (at least has been the last week, knock on wood) and loves talking walks down First Street.  She loves seeing my family more frequently and hanging out with her cousins.  She has also taken a liking to Kieran’s tricycle, which is adorable to see.  Her favorite part is ringing the bell (it’s the kind of trike where she gets pushed) and she just sits there with a big grin.  If you stop, she makes it known she would like you to continue forward.

She is a good eater, but I am so painfully uncreative when it comes to feeding her!  Any suggestions for easy and varied meals for a 16 month old are welcome.  She loves cheese, bagels, eggs, yogurt, and her fruit purées.  I’m going to be working on getting her to eat fork mashed fruits/veggies because right now if I try and give her the non-puréed version she is not a happy camper.  I have found the best way to get her to try new things is to be eating them and wait for her to demand a bite–if I try and offer her a bite first she usually refuses.

Well, that’s E in a nutshell!  She is absolutely loving having her daddy home all the time and we love watching her grow and learn.

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