Well, in between my vacation posts FROM TWO YEARS AGO, I’d like to take a moment and say how sad I am that I’ve stopped chronicling my life over the past couple years, especially in light of the fact that I now have Eleanor.  I haven’t written or blogged about our life with her, and that makes me incredibly depressed.  I just read this article about a mom who kept a journal, and I’m jealous I didn’t do that.  So, only 4 months into the year I’m making a resolution to blog more, and to be more relaxed about it.  So what if there aren’t pictures, so what if it’s just a couple sentences.  It is my journal of the adventures with my family and I’m committed.  (I can hear my sister now saying “SHEESH!  It’s about time!)


One thought on “Interlude

  1. B, I love hearing your view on life through your blog posts. I am excited for this new resolution and look forward to seeing more posts here, I’m also happy to keep you accountable since I pester you anyway.

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