My sister and I only live about 45 minutes apart, but between us there are 4 children (and 4 nap schedules), 2 jobs, 2 bridges…you get the picture (okay, who am I kidding…I only have one of those 4 children, but still.  I contribute to the number).  The reality is we don’t get to hang out nearly as much as we would like to.  Instead we have to be satisfied with phone conversations and our newest “discovery”–Skype.  Yes, we have known about Skype for a while but it has only been recently that we have actually started using it.

This is a typical scene during our chat sessions.  If I remember correctly, about 10 minutes later on this particular day I couldn’t see my sister at all because Claire decided to join the pile.

Now, if you have followed this blog at all there are countless posts about Claire.  Unfortunately Conor and Kieran have gotten MUCH less air time.  I would like to take this moment and gush a little about Conor.  This boy…sigh.  He is the biggest sweetheart EVER.  E-V-E-R.  As is common with boys, his verbal skills came along much more slowly than Claire’s (and who knows–maybe he didn’t feel the need to talk since his sister took care of most of the talking for him) but lately he has become much more talkative.

As soon as Eleanor appears on the screen, I hear a big intake of air and then “LELLIE!!!!” (well, sometimes it’s BABY!!!!).  He then spends the rest of the Skype time asking me to alternate between Eleanor and the cats.  It sounds a lot like this: “Kitty?  Kitty?” [I pan to the cats, giggles ensue] “Lellie?  Lellie” [I turn to Eleanor, giggles ensue] “Kitty?” You get the picture…He also likes to kiss the camera to show his affection.  How sweet is that?  There was one day where my poor sister’s computer was probably covered in fingerprints and lip marks because Conor and Claire both had about a 5 minute kiss session sending kisses my way.  The other day Conor was upset because Claire had gone somewhere without him, so I offered up an Ellie Skype session to make him feel better.  He was eating breakfast (pancakes, in case you are wondering), chatting it up with Eleanor and me.  We did the obligatory apartment tour (the cats, our exercise ball, and the baby), we made some animal noises (cats now say “rawr!” in case you were wondering), discussed the dinosaur on his shirt, and just enjoyed “hanging out.” Claire typically pops in to say hello, inquire about where Uncle B is, and then runs off to do whatever she was doing or asks to play games on the computer and Kieran just hangs out much like Eleanor does, but Conor truly seems to be the one that enjoys it most.

I love these sessions because I at least get to see this munchkins more than I would normally.  Conor has been much more interested in me since Eleanor came along, and I couldn’t be happier.  I love that little boy fiercely!  I mean, he brought my sister her robe after her shower the other day.  He isn’t even two!

Alright, enough of my little gush fest.  And no, Skype did not sponsor this post or have anything to do with it.

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