Out and About

I live in San Francisco. This means it’s not always practical/convenient to drive; well, who am I kidding…it’s in fact rarely convenient to drive. Between getting the car and finding parking, it usually just doesn’t make much sense, especially because most things are within walking distance or are a quick bus ride away.

For my sanity and for the sake of fresh air, I try and get out at least once a day, and have done so since Eleanor was about a week old.

It’s amazing how much attention you get when you are out and about with a baby, especially a younger baby. People remark “Aww, a baby!” and ask how old, boy/girl, etc. I don’t mind these interractions typically (unless someone is trying to touch Ellie, then I mind) but sometimes people volunteer suggestions that are a little bit…unnecessary. I am always polite and return their comments with a smile or nod and then wait until I have my back to them to roll my eyes.

Some of the comments I have gotten are:

“It’s too cold to have her out in this weather!”
“She’s not warm enough!”
“Why are you holding her like that?”
“Can she breathe?” (this is when I had her in the Moby wrap, and she had face-planted into my chest. Yes, she could breathe, although I was tempted to say no, she can’t)

And my favorite, while taking Ellie on the bus:
“On the bus at this age! Well, she is going to be immune to everything…”

When Brandon and I are out with Eleanor and we get the comments, Brandon always remarks how I really can’t go anywhere without someone saying something. Nope…luckily I am confident enough in my parenting that nothing really gets to me. Smile at the time and then laugh when I recount the “advice” to Brandon later.

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