My Modeling Debut

(all images courtesy of Edyta Szyszlo Photography)

Okay, this is a little belated, early in the year Edyta asked if she could use my apartment as well as my face for an bridal shower inspiration shoot. I was thrilled with the request and agreed immediately (well, after it was cleared with the husband).

I have to admit I was a little nervous about the” modeling” aspect, but I was ridiculously excited about the whole event and to see how it would come together.  I really didn’t know exactly what would be happening, other than it would be taking place in my dining room.

There were a whole slew of extremely talented people who brought this together and made this gorgeous shoot happen so pop on over to Ruffled, where this was featured, to get all the details.  There’s a link to a gallery at the bottom of the post to see all sorts of photos!

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