Get Well Soon, Dad/Introducing Dr. Claire

I know, I know, it’s been a while.  I’m skipping the excuses and just heading straight into the post.


My dad had his knee replaced on Thursday (icky), and so the last few days have been spent hanging out with the family and with Dad, taking turns entertaining him at the hospital.  I have to say I’m guessing one of the highlights was his visit from Dr. Claire.


(on the left, Claire walking with Uncle B. She had to hold a hand through the parking lot and she chose Uncle B; on the right, poor dad and his plethora of hospital bracelets)

Dr. Claire came in her scrubs with stethoscope around her neck help PopPop get better, administering “medicine” and also giving him a card she had made him. She loved asking PopPop lots of questions, and watching him recline and sit up in the hospital bed.

Aside from hospital time, I got lots of kiddo time but yet again I left my camera, so these iPhone snapshots had to suffice.


Here we have Conor and some rapid bead-flinging action, and Claire coloring with her chalk.

Overall it was a nice weekend with family, just unfortunate circumstances. Get well soon, Dad!

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