Feelin’ the Love

Brandon and I typically don’t celebrate Valentine’s day by doing much.  Usually a card, maybe a small gift, but overall we keep it low-key.  This year we went out on Saturday for a mini-date, since Brandon is leaving for Dallas on business tomorrow.  We figured we could have a relaxing, cozy night in to celebrate which would also allow for an early bedtime.

valentines installation

On Friday as I was waiting for Brandon to get home (from Dallas…he just got home and now he’s going back), however, I got an itch to do a little something special this year to make the apartment feel festive.  I decided to scrounge through old photos, get out some red yarn and do a little “Valentine’s Installation.”  Top it off with a vase full of fresh flowers, and instantly the top of our bookcase turned into a very happy place.

I am more a fan of thinking of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate everyone you love, not just in a romantic way.  Don’t you think that’s more exciting?  What did you do to in honor of this day, whether you love it or hate it?

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