The Perfect Sunday

So, I’m not really one for football…and I’m really not one for pro football. For me, it’s Oregon Ducks (go Ducks!) or no football. Brandon needed to work on Sunday, and I also had to work (on chalk + dot) so we decided to spend our Super Bowl Sunday being productive.

wine + sunshine

I am not very productive at home (too many other temptations), so I decided to head out to a nearby café, correctly making the assumption that it wouldn’t be crowded during the Super Bowl. Nook was my location of choice, and it was perfect. We were having unseasonably hot weather (read: I was in jeans, a tank top, and flip flops), so the café had all its windows and doors open. I decided on indulging in a happy hour glass of wine and (gasp) a brownie. It was my own personal super bowl party. With headphones on and my feet up, I had a glorious and relaxing afternoon. I think I may want to start my own Super Bowl tradition…I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how perfect that afternoon was…

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