Phew!  It’s been quite a while, and it’s been bothering me that I haven’t had a chance to post.  I have been so busy that it took me weeks to download my Thanksgiving pictures compared to what I usually do, which is download them as soon as I get home from a trip or an outing.  Chalk + Dot has been going quite well, but it’s also been time consuming, especially with my overwhelming work schedule.


Anyway, enough about that!  Time to rewind time back to Thanksgiving.  Brandon, my parents and I went to Yosemite for a wintery Thanksgiving escape.  We were lucky because there was a snowstorm the few days before we arrived, so there was a thick blanket of fresh snow.  It was so absolutely beautiful and serene! As I’ve started writing this, I realize it’s going to be a 2-part post…I have WAY too many pictures to post them all at once!


We arrived Thanksgiving day, and just laid low at the Tenaya Lodge, drinking wine, playing games, and eating.

Friday we got up early, rented some snow shoes, and trekked out to Mariposa Grove to catch a glimpse of some giant sequoia trees. The road was closed out to the grove, so we had to hike in and then snow shoe around once we got there. It was breath-takingly beautiful!


It’s hard to see, but the snow was sparkling like mounds of sugar.


The fresh air, the beautiful scenery…it was the perfect day.


Note the red arrow–that is Brandon standing in front of Grizzly Giant. They aren’t kidding around when they say those trees are giant…

After our invigorating hike we went back to the lodge to clean up, play more games, drink more wine, eat more food, and watch the Oregon Ducks play. That’s all you get for now! More to come on the Yosemite trip…

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