I’m Alive!

Phew!  I know, I feel like every other post is some explanation of why I haven’t posted much, etc.  Life comes in tides as we all know, and this happens to be a busy one.  Work has been busy and just got exponentially more busy.  Also, college football season is in full effect and my husband, as a huge Oregon Ducks fan, has been quite obsessed.  In turn, this has pretty much occupied our Saturdays.

Another thing that has been a little pre-occupying is a little thing I like to call BASEBALL DOMINATION by a team known as the San Francisco Giants.  I was quiet on the blog during the season because, like most baseball fans, I get pretty superstitious.  They were winning and I wasn’t trash-talking or posting on Facebook (in fact, I wouldn’t even go on Facebook during a game) but now that they’ve won, GO GIANTS!  Being in San Francisco for the whole thing was pretty amazing.  I watched game 5 by the ballpark, and then went to the ballpark and Civic Center after to see the festivities.  I also attended the Giants parade, which was SO much fun to see.  I do have pictures from that, I’ll have to post later.  I have a backlog of photos.

Finally, the other thing besides work and sports and life that has been consuming is a very excited little something I’ve been working on, but you’ll have to wait to find out what it is!  It’s been very fun but I’ve had to pack it into my “spare” time which means the blog has fallen by the wayside temporarily.  It happens, and I’m okay with that.

Here’s to a Giants win, being employed (this is what I remind myself of when work gets tough), family, friends, and an exciting new little project.

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