Erica @ 32 Weeks

My, how time flies!  It feels like I was just taking pictures of Erica with a teeny almost non-existent baby bump and now here she is, 8 months pregnant.

101030-erica32wks_005 101030-erica32wks_008

101030-erica32wks_011 101030-erica32wks_007

She’s on the home stretch, and she’s starting to feel like it. The determination is setting in, but so is the organ-rearrangement and resulting fatigue.  Luckily for Erica, despite how she might feel, she looks beautiful and radiant.


101030-erica32wks_023 101030-erica32wks_026

101030-erica32wks_030 101030-erica32wks_034

The above photo on the right is one of my favorites from the day–I think it really captured her essence.

101030-erica32wks_039 101030-erica32wks_043

Well, our remaining shoots are numbered–we’ll probably have only one or two more before her baby boy arrives!

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