Happy Second Birthday, Claire!

Last week was Miss Claire’s big 0-2 celebration!  I can’t believe that little smooshie muffin has turned two already!  My, how time flies.  We celebrated with a party in the park with family and friends, so here are some pictures from the day.

2010oct16_011 2010oct16_012

Her friend Decklyn

2010oct16_017 2010oct16_018

Cousin Aiden

2010oct16_026 2010oct16_027


The Birthday Girl (and who knew bark was SO much fun???)

2010oct16_044 2010oct16_049

2010oct16_052 2010oct16_057

And of course, Little Man, aka Conor (I know, I’ve been a terrible aunt and haven’t taken many pictures of this cutie fella)

2010oct16_062 2010oct16_063

The birthday girl and her schmancy Nemo cake made by Meme



mmmm…cake…meanwhile, Conor takes a moment of contemplation

2010oct16_089 2010oct16_090

And a little family portrait of Decklyn and her parents


Overall it was a lovely (if not a little blustery) day! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Claire.

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