Black and White

Yes, I know, there have been some crickets on this blog for a little bit…it stems from two things: 1) i’ve been really busy and 2) i’ve been taking more film photos than digital. I don’t really like to post without images (I feel like what I have to say frequently isn’t very interesting, but somehow you put pictures with it feels like more people would be willing to stop by), and since film development isn’t as instantaneous as film…well…the posts have been backed up.

Okay, enough of the excuses, etc., and onto the fun stuff–I’ve been taking a black and white film photography class! It’s a 5 week class, 4 hours one day a week through City College San Francisco. It’s mainly about the darkroom, which has been really fun and exciting.
my contact sheet

We developed film two weeks ago and printed some last week. Next week we get to develop/print more, so I’m really looking forward to that. It’s been so much fun being back in the studio atmosphere, which has reminded me how much I miss that aspect of school.


I was pretty pleased with my first roll of film, and am really looking forward to taking more! I feel like the dark room is magic–you stick a blank piece of paper in some liquid and *shizzam* a photo appears. It’s very rewarding!


I’m looking forward to my next few weeks in the photo lab, and I think this has inspired me to be more bold and take more classes.


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