shower time

So Erica asked me to help her with her baby shower invitations. We both really love making things like that, so I was thrilled to help. As for a theme, we quickly decided on Lake Tahoe–she and her husband really love Tahoe and the baby is due in December (a nice wintery time of year) so it fit perfectly.

Erica found a vintage Tahoe postcard online which prompted our “aha!” moment–why don’t we use our own Tahoe photos, make them look vintagey, and then print them on postcards?


A friend who is getting married tipped me off to the fact that postage was $0.29 in the early 90’s, and postcard postage is currently $0.28, so if you don’t like the current postcard stamps, you can look at old stamps on ebay and use those! We found some adorable squirrel and acorn stamps that fit perfectly so Erica snapped them up.


On a blog I had seen this idea to use a stamp for the invitation information (instead of printing it) and it worked perfectly with our vintage feel!


A few things to keep in mind if you use a stamp like this: 1. it takes a WHILE to arrange the little letters. Totally worth it, but I wouldn’t aspire to do something that requires a lot of changes. It can be pretty tedious. 2. make sure you push the stamp down good and rock it back and forth a little so all the important information comes out and 3. make sure the stamp is in the correct orientation. I only stamped it upside-down once, but still. Watch out.


Overall I think they turned out super cute! It was so much fun to help with these, and I can’t wait to help with the rest of the shower goodies.

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