Maui, Part II

More from our fabulous vacation on Maui…


One of the days we braved the road to Hana to see the lush side of the island–it’s a little like Jurassic Park meets the most curvy road ever. Seriously–check out the Hana Highway on google maps and zoom in. It’s ridiculous. For those of you who know me very well, you know I get motion sick pretty easily, so I was a little apprehensive but this road is SO curvy that you have to drive really slow. That, plus I was armed with some Dramamine, so all was okay.


The drive was beautiful, rainy at times, sunny at others…



We stopped at Haleakala National Park to see the Seven Sacred Pools. We hiked in, but it was incredibly windy (and I didn’t have my suit on) so we didn’t swim. The pools also were pretty dry at the time, and full of people. It was still beautiful though…



We decided to drive out the south side instead of trekking back on the Hana Highway. A park ranger at the Park assured us that the road conditions were ideal for taking the south road, so we decided to go for it. The road was…hairy at times, but overall it was much better than taking the Hana Highway again and it was fascinating to see the other side of the island. Almost immediately, the terrain went from lush and green to dry and dusty. The road is mostly paved, but there is a large dirt section that is quite rough/bumpy, and it takes you right on the edge of some sea cliffs. Lucky for us, we made it without incident. I would definitely recommend checking with a park ranger before venturing on this road.

After we returned home, it was time for a lovely sunset stroll on the beach…





I love these next two photos, because it almost looks like the light on the clouds is coming from within…



More to come…I have one more day of digital photos to show, and then there will be some film photos once I get them developed…

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