Back on the Mainland

If anyone noticed I was awfully quiet the last week, it’s because I was living it up in Maui with Brandon, his parents and his brother. We arrived back in San Francisco early this morning, and while I hate leaving Hawaii, I had a realization–it is always sad coming back from vacation, but I get to come back to a vacation destination, which isn’t too shabby if I do say so myself.

Anyway, rewind a week. We left for Maui last Saturday, where we stayed at a vacation rental in Kihei right across the street from the beach.


The weather was gorgeous, as was the island itself. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love hot weather–dry, humid, I love it all. My hair also loves the humidity, so that’s an added bonus. Feeling warm through to my bones is just the best feeling. While the others sought out the shade, I sought out the sun every chance I could.

Brandon and I took walks on the beach almost every morning and every night just to soak in the scenery


We ran into this sand art along the way




We also took a day to explore Lahaina and Ka’anapali beach






We made a stop at a bar my parents went to on their honeymoon–it used to be The Rusty Harpoon, but it’s now the Cane & Taro–the Rusty Harpoon moved down the beach. We decided we should visit the spot as opposed to the place that carries the name, so in honor of my parents we had some drinks at the Cane & Taro.

cane & taro, formerly the rusty harpoon, ka'anapali beach


I love Hawaii…more on the trip to come later! For now, happy Friday!

One thought on “Back on the Mainland

  1. I love all of these photos!! And, I am so happy you had such a great time. So, I am thinking about getting a new lens … would you suggest a telephoto or a 35mm?? Hugs to you!!!! XO

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