Cute Babies and Adult Problems

First off, I have to share the cutest picture of Conor, taken by my dear sister.  He gets cuter by the day!

Conor pictures 035

On a more serious note, this has been one of those years where I have gone “man, we are really adults now, aren’t we?” People are having babies, getting laid off, having money troubles, health troubles…all in all, just having “adult” problems. This past month has especially broken my heart. Two friends have recently come to me and confided in me regarding some past and present personal struggles. Their difficulties are different but equally as serious, and I am just left completely heartbroken.

First off, I was thrown off…when did we enter the phase of having these issues? I mean, I know that people battle with these things from a very early age so I don’t want to sound naive…it’s more like, how did we get to this point? Secondly, and most importantly, I feel a sense of neglect–I know I probably couldn’t have changed it, but perhaps I could have been a little more supportive. These are both people I’ve practically known all my life, but sort of had a period where I lost contact with them.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this…I just have a very heavy heart. Thankfully both have gotten/are getting help and I can’t be more thrilled for them. I’m also flattered that they have confided in me and let me know what’s going on. I love both of these ladies to pieces and if I could do anything to take away their pain, I would. At this point, however, the best I can do is support them and stand up for them and let them know they are loved unconditionally.

Alright, I’ll end it there. I just had to say something…these issues are waving heavily in my heart, but not in an “I feel burdened” sort of way, more of a “I hope there’s a way I can be helpful and supportive” way. To all my friends out there, I love you to pieces and please know you can always confide in me.

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