It’s Hot in Herrr

I sit here writing on one of the hottest days of the year–it supposedly reached 92° today and I couldn’t be happier…that is, if I wasn’t sick. Our apartment thermometer is at around 80° right now (inside) and I have a 99.9° fever. Awesome, yes? I seriously wish I wasn’t sick on one of the most beautiful days of the year. You guys didn’t stop by to hear me complain though, right? Instead of me rambling about my current misery, I will show you some more film photos I have been taking out and about.

The birthday girl at River Ranch Lodge on the way home from Tahoe


shopping around downtown

my photo taken to celebrate the sun!

the local lunch spot

Brandon and I had dinner on the roof to escape the heat of our apartment. It was glorious! The “ghost” in the righthand corner is due to me forgetting that I hadn’t wound my film. Whoopsies. That’s called exposing your roll…lesson learned. For now.

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