This weekend Brandon and I escaped for a quick trip to Lake Tahoe to hang with the family and celebrate my Grandmother’s birthday. It was a splendid time–lots of beach time, playing in the sand, beach bbq, family…what more could you ask for (aside from more time)? I shot mostly film this weekend, so there will be a lot more photos as long as they turn out. For now, here are some photos of our time…

Claire and her best friend, Uncle B


2010aug14_054Conor met cousin Erin for the first time


I had made flags as decorations, but Claire thought they were much better as a part of her parade than stuck in the ground.





Cousin Clint was doing a hand-shoe dance for Claire–she wasn’t really sure what to make of it.


Oh Tahoe, how I love you…I must go back soon.

3 thoughts on “Tahoe!

  1. Truly gorgeous pictures. Thank you for being the resident photographer. This family gathering was such a gift to your grandmother. : )

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