discovery bay part b: goodbye brenna

Where do I even begin with this post?  About three weeks ago I got a phone call in the morning…




“I’m moving to New York!”


Of course squeals and congratulatory remarks followed.  When I hung up the phone, however, a flood of tears came.  Brenna and I have been friends since freshman year in high school.  I couldn’t even begin to tally the number of notes we’ve written, hours we’ve spoken on the phone, number of texts/emails/chats we’ve exchanged…in high school a joke emerged (I believe our junior year math teacher started it) that we shared a brain and we still refer to that to this day. It always seems that we’re either on the same wave length, or one person completely balances the other out. While in college we didn’t talk as much, I always have viewed Brenna as a sister, and have always known she and I could rely on each other for anything.

Over the past few years, Brenna and I have begun hanging out more again, and it’s been absolutely wonderful. She stood beside me on my wedding day, and through many of life’s trials. I’m going to miss her terribly, but she *promises* that she’ll be back to the Bay Area at some point. Plus, I get an amazing place to visit–one of my favorite cities. I’m thrilled for her, completely jealous, and sad for myself. Thank goodness for gchat, Skype, email and texting!

Phew. A slightly long-winded post that all boils down to one point. Goodbye Brenna, good luck, I love you more than words can express, and I can’t wait to visit.

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