Saturday Kiddos

Last Saturday, Brandon and I went out to Benicia to hang out with Jen and the kids while Josh worked. Claire, as usual, favored her Uncle B best…time to read? Uncle B! Time to play with the cook set? Uncle B! Time to go down for a nap? Uncle B! Time to change the diaper? Uncle B! Ooooh yes…it’s all fun and games being the favorite until the less favorable duties come into play. Uncle B somehow avoided the diaper duty after all, but he did have to be nearby so Claire knew he was there. I alternated between snuggling with Conor and playing with Claire, so I can’t complain.



I have to say, the left-hand picture above is probably by far one of my favorite photos ever–sheer joy captured while Claire was lap-surfing on Uncle B’s lap.


Conor is gaining weight and getting cuter by the minute. He still sleeps a lot, but he’s getting more alert with each day. I love holding the little guy and snuggling him while he naps. Can’t complain!



Conor seems to take after his sister in the little birdlips face department…see Conor here

and a flashback to Claire here:
fishy face

And while I was searching for that last picture of Claire, I found another same-face moment. Conor:

And Claire

3 thoughts on “Saturday Kiddos

  1. Ha ha, great minds think alike, i was just looking at pictures today of the kids and preparing a side by side look at the two of them…love the pictures you found to compare! The kids sure LOVED having their uncas B visit.

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