Kitties Galore!

This last weekend, Brandon was in Portland with his parents and I was here with the kitties…many, many kitties. Seven to be exact. I was watching Edyta’s cats and Lindsay’s cats and how sweet they all were! I also was in amazement that I could, you know, set a bag down without worrying the contents would be spilled out and the strap chewed in half in less that 30 seconds. I’m not used to cats, I’m accustomed to troublemakers.

Anyway, I managed to snap some photos of the precious kitties, although some cooperated more than others. Desher posed as the model she is, Boris was more interested in rubbing his face on my leg, Weezer couldn’t be bothered to move (sure, take a picture if you must), Vail wouldn’t stop rolling on her back and Puma almost gave me a black eye, head-butting the camera into my face. Multiple times.







And that, my friends, was my kitty-filled weekend!

2 thoughts on “Kitties Galore!

  1. you. are. da. best! it makes me so happy knowing my brattiest of brats are always in such good hands when you’re checking up on them. and you pretty much nailed them… weez is too cool for school, vail is a freaking crack head about that damn couch, and puma will literally try to CRAWL INSIDE OF YOU if given the chance. man, i love those bitches.

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