Bad Cat Behavior, ep.14

2010jun13_008 I hope my silence on the matter didn’t lead you to believe my cats have suddenly turned into angels. The reality is I just haven’t had my camera as handy lately, but a discovery on Sunday warranted a new episode of bad cat behavior. I went to print and, well, noticed the printer wasn’t going to work very well. 2010jun13_004

2010jun13_002 Before I get claims of being a bad cat parent by allowing my cat to do this, I will tell you the precautions we have made at our house: 1) we have NO (and I literally mean not one) plug-in lamps, 2) we created this charging station to hide our cords, 3) I have tried various “cord deterrents” with no success, 4) I charge all other things that aren’t in the charging station in the bathroom or closet. We knew we were in trouble when, as kittens, we discovered a phone charger suddenly in two pieces. Next to fall victim? A pair of headphones. Then my laptop cord. Now, the printer cable. 2010jun13_003

Lucky for us, we had another printer cable on hand and I was able to print what I needed, but that didn’t lessen the frustration. Brandon and I took a chunk of the afternoon re-arranging our charging station and now have a strict “no printer cord left behind” policy. Printer cords are to be put away after each use. What did the cats have to say about all this? 2010jun13_006


“What did I do?”

Of course they had to recover from their mischief with a good old-fashioned nap.




No, that’s not a seal, it’s just Stuart…

3 thoughts on “Bad Cat Behavior, ep.14

  1. Brieanne – your cats are absolutely ridiculous!! They sure keep you guys on your toes! Good thing you are so creative….otherwise your house might burn down…..

  2. You know, they are always angels when I see them. I’m beginning to wonder if the toppled tree, broken wine glasses and chewed power cords aren’t just you getting a little rambunctious and the cats make an easy scapegoat.

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