Pin It Forward

Today is my day to Pin-it-Forward, the next blogathon by sfgirlbybay!  The “pinning” is from this awesome new web tool called Pinterest. See the bottom of this post for an example of what this is. The theme this time is what home means to us, and for me home is a lot of things–not specifically my apartment (although I do love my apartment), but it’s much more broad than that.  Without further ado…

my home is made of:

cities 01

urban nature

food coffee

friends flowers

memories whimsy

nights beaches

art light


unconditional love

pins from: irenesuchocki, youtookmycookie, newyorq, everydaydude, dyingbeautystock, parisdailyphoto, artpixie, sfgirlbybay, Adore_Vintage, gutsforgarters, designsponge, comeblowbubbles

Here’s a sample of my board (you can find my pinboard here, with explanations of why all these things are home to me):


Thanks again to Victoria of sfgirlbybay for organizing this, and thanks to pinterest for this awesome tool! Tomorrow head over to crazee yummee for the next pin it forward post…

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