Farmer’s Market + Family

On Saturday Josh, Jen and Claire came into the city to give me back my camera and take Claire to the beach.  First we went to Farmer’s Market to enjoy breakfast, produce and flowers.  Claire enjoyed peep peep peeping at the birds, meeeeeeeh-ing at the goats, and meowing at my phone (she knows I have pictures of cats on it).

claire 01


After the market, we came back to my apartment to give Claire a nap.  She finally went down after about 15 minutes of crying for the cats, saying “meeeoooow! meeeoooow!  kitty? please? please? meow? kitty? please?”  It was hilarious and heartbreaking but eventually she fell asleep…when she got up, she had some amaaaaazing hair…


claire 02

I also got to hear “hi B!” again, which was more than adorable. I love this little girl!

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