le weekend

Sadly, this will be a post with no photos.  I was out visiting my sister today and left my camera out there, but I will still be giving a weekend recap.  First I want to say oh my GOSH has everyone been having the super dose of allergies I’ve been having?  I have been loading up on Zyrtec, steroid nasal spray AND eyedrops…these allergies are exhausting!  Anyway…

Friday night started with Brandon and I enjoying happy hour with our respective offices.  Afterwards we got a text from our friend Chris who was visiting for the weekend.  After a quick bite to eat, we headed out to meet up with Chris for a beer.

Saturday we had a late morning (Brandon and I have been exhausted lately), but eventually we got up, got ready and then headed out to Nick’s Crispy Tacos to meet up with Chris for lunch.  Lunch then turned into drinks at the Alembic with friends (and an adorable baby!  No, the baby was not drinking), then a few rounds of pool at Gold Cane Lounge, then dinner at Little Chihuahua, then wandering through downtown with a stop at H&M and back home.  Boy were my legs tired after that!

Sunday was an extra special “Claire and B” date.  Jen needed to get some stuff done around the house, so I volunteered to occupy Claire so she and Josh could be productive.  We had a lovely time at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, where we saw some very cool native animals–owls, hawks, eagles, snakes, even a bobcat!  Claire enjoyed making her animal noises and demonstrating her animal noises for others.  For example, we were standing by the bobcat when they began an educational little talk.  We were going to stick around for it, but Claire started meowing at the cat (loudly), so I thought perhaps we should move on.  She also enjoyed “hooting” like an owl and pressing the buttons that play different bird calls.  I would call it a successful outing.  From there we went to Target and then back to Jen’s, then I came back to the city.

Overall it was a fun and tiring weekend!  I was thrilled to see Chris, and also thrilled to be able have a little date with Claire.  Now, time for bed to get ready for this new work week…

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