For Easter this year, we headed out to my parents house for Claire’s first Easter egg hunt (last year Claire spent Easter in New York with some of her favorite ladies) which luckily we squeezed in right before the rain started.  We started with a delicious brunch, followed with the egg hunt, then a trip to see Grandma–my dad’s mom fell and broke her hip a couple weeks ago, so she has been recovering at a rehabilitation center.  After that, our Easter egg hunter went down for a nap (it’s tiring hunting for eggs!) while the adults chatted and played games.  All in all, it was a lovely day even with the rain!









claire2there it is, the 7 month belly



I must say one of the highlights of my day was Claire referring to me by name for the first time (at least in my presence).  I got up and walked by her and she leaned back and said “hi B!”  Melting ensued of course…this little one has the family wrapped around her little finger…

2 thoughts on “Easter!

  1. I always love seeing your amazing photos! Your niece is adorable and has a contagious smile! 🙂 What lens did you use for these photos?

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