Jessi @ 37 weeks (the full-term edition)

On Saturday I had my monthly (and perhaps last!) photoshoot with Jessi while pregnant. At 37 weeks, she’s so very close to having “baby P.” It was amazing to feel and watch her belly (yes, I said watch) her belly–P has been very active, and this time was no exception. We saw a foot poking out, felt some rolling movements, etc.–I’m glad that Jessi isn’t weirded out with how fascinated with and in awe of pregnancy I am. It’s been such a fun adventure to share in this with a friend, so Jessi, thanks for letting me be a part of this! Since she’s so close to her due date, I went down to her on the Peninsula this time so she didn’t have to BART into the city (she does it every day for work, she didn’t need to add a day to her commute week). Without further ado, our photoshoot at the Burlingame train station…








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