Weekend by the Sea (part 2)

Time for part 2 of our weekend!  After our hang out time by the ocean, we headed to the hotel to check in.  What a sweet place!  The staff was kind and attentive and our room was spacious yet still felt cozy and inviting.  After hanging out in our room for a bit, we decided to go for a scenic walk and venture down to the nearby tidepools.  It was perfect, because sunset was approaching so it was a gorgeous time of day.  We saw all sorts of sea life, including the biggest starfish I have ever seen.





After the tide pools (we had to leave before I got too angry and upset at the people disturbing the sea life and taking things out of the water), we took the “coastal route” back to the inn. What a beautiful walk through the trees along the cliffs!


And yes, that is us. Photo courtesy of 10 second self timer and a little sprint.







Now, since the weekend was sort of Brandon’s present, I wanted to do something a little special to make it feel like a true birthday celebration weekend. Since it was Brandon’s 29th birthday, I decided to give it the theme of “30 things for us to do before you’re 30.” With some inspiration from my friend Jessi, as well as this post on Jordan Ferney’s blog, Oh Happy Day, I started brainstorming how I could display the 30 things.  I scoured Chinatown to find a colorful string of lantern lights before we left (success!), and then got some place cards and number stamps from Paper Source. On each card I wrote one activity for us to do, then stamped a number on and put a string on the card.


I had to quarantine Brandon for a while at the hotel while I assembled the lanterns, strung them up, and hung the cards on them. While it took longer than I had hoped, the end result was perfect! It ended up better than I thought it would, and Brandon was pleasantly surprised. All in all, it was the perfect weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend by the Sea (part 2)

  1. it looks like you guys had such a great trip! i looooooove the self timer shot. l-o-v-e. the lanterns turned out lovely also- i’m sure you kids will have so much fun knocking things off the to-do list. nice work!

  2. 1. The 30 things to do before 30 is the cutest thing ever. Turned out so well!
    2. Your photos continue to impress me. The subject, the colors, the shadows, the reflections…simply gorgeous.

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