Heath Wedding Lounge Part 2

Today was the Heath Wedding Lounge Event, and what a gorgeous day for it!  The sun came out, and I had just a fabulous time hanging with the Lindsay and Edyta at Edyta’s photography booth.  It was fun to be on the “other” (non-bride) side of things at a wedding event with a wedding photographer.  All the vendors at the venue were very sweet and had amazing products/services, plus the 20% off at the Heath store didn’t hurt, either.  Thanks, Edyta for letting me come and help out!

setting up

the booth

smitten sticks!


flowers from la fleuriste
La Fleuriste actually had a little “flower buffet” where you grabbed a mason jar and made your own bouquet to take home. Genius!



At the end of the day, the three of us went to Fish. for dinner–boy was it delicious! A beautiful evening on the water with amazing food and company. What more could you ask for?



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