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I am happy to say I am participating in the sfgirlbybayBlog it Forward” extravaganza, and my turn is here!  Thanks to Caroline over at Coeur de La for going before me.  Completely coincidentally, I actually know Caroline–such a small world!  Anyway, in preparing for this post I realized I have a hard time distiguishing between what makes me happy and what inspires me.  It’s also quite overwhelming to tackle the subject, because I am easily inspired!  In the right mood practically anything can inspire me–the way someone sits on the bus, a flower in the crack of the sidewalk, a powerful film, a window display, etc.  To narrow things down, I’ve decided to go with things in my life that inspire me–less of the grand “this artist or that sculpture” and more of the everyday “mundane” things that make me want to create.  Here goes (in no particular order):

1. Paris, a city beautiful on all levels. Spent a year here, can’t get enough.

2. Music. Oftentimes sad songs. And live performances.

3. Photo adventures, finding the interesting among the mundane.
photo adventures

4. Unexpected moments and sights
unexpected moments

5. Art/craft supplies. Don’t take me to an art store if you’re in a hurry.
art/craft supplies

6. Traveling. Seeing new things, experiencing new places.

7. Babies, with their love for discovery and simple pleasures.

8. Construction sites and their raw beauty. The pieces to the puzzle before the puzzle is complete.
construction sites

9. Animals. Their loyalty, their companionship, their dependency, their complexity.

10. Texture. I cannot pass something textured without touching it.

*Bonus. As I finished and looked over this post, I realized I couldn’t exclude my husband! He encourages my artistic pursuits, pushes me to carry on when I am discouraged, and is all around a huge support and inspiration. There, I feel much more complete now.

This was much harder than I imagined–I could probably attempt this same post tomorrow with completely different results. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did, and please head over to Cook Craft Read Love tomorrow to see the Blog it Forward post over there!

*images are all my own.  they are as follows…1: Paris, I forget what vantage point I took it from! 2: Bishop Allen @ the Rickshaw Stop, SF 3: Some place in Noe Valley, SF 4: Dog in the window, Noe Valley, SF 5: My knitting bin 6: Eastern Market, DC 7: My niece Claire 8: Marina construction site, SF 9: My cat Ben 10: Apartment building, NYC  *Bonus: Jumping photo, DC

6 thoughts on “Blog it Forward

  1. Loved the way you describe your affinity for construction sites: “The pieces to the puzzle before the puzzle is complete.” Eloquent! Love your hobbies, your interests, your kitties, YOU… MY life wouldn’t be complete without you, B.

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